Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Induction week at uni 22/09/08 - 25/09/08

So...I'm officially a Fashion student! Made it through the first day "talks" and "quizzes" a-plenty! A mugshot, 12 points in the treasure hunt, and a free sketch book later and its pretty much home time!

Starting with a talk from the principal, we watched last years Fashion Show- Very inspiring! Library talk, enrollment, what seemed like a 3 hour break, rounded up with a few talks from the SU vice president and a lecture about computers!

Orientation day. Met up with Group 4 - Jayzee- Jen- Sophia- Lucy - Me - Steph - Anna.

We answered the questions on the orientation quiz and took some pictures as inspiration for a Bournemouth inspired outfit....

Today was the best day so far. Team 4 came 3rd in the orientation quiz, and won £1 vouchers for the arts bar each. We got a bag full of fashion related goodies! Then made a start on making the outfit...with bubble wrap!! All we heard for about 3 hours was pop pop pop!!! I loved our finished outfit

...Kind of "here's one i made earlier" don't you think??

My first fashion blogging experience...

...Was an interesting one! Hopefully many more to come. Watch this Space!