Friday, 22 October 2010

X Factor favourite...

Now there's something you don't see every day. I'd like to see Rebecca Ferguson's mentor Cheryl Cole doing this!

Closet Confessions: Kelly Osbourne...

I'm pretty sure everyone has watched 'The Osbournes' at some point in there life. Well i'm hoping so, and that i've not just really embarrassed myself?? Well Kelly Osbourne seems like a completely different person between then and now. Although she says 'Fuck off i'm the same person, I just lost 50 pounds'

Fair point Kelly, but your style is impressive and your accent seems a lot less 'Trans-Atlantic' now. I can get a long with a Kelly Osbourne like this, and her figure is fab!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Barry M Crackle effect...

The infamous Barry M instant effect polish that's doing the rounds of the blogosphere lately! I've paired it with a glittery gold from H&M. Trying to find my glittery Red Barry M polish, that's my christmas colour!!

Lanvin for H&M...

Some new shots of Lanvin for H&M have surfaced today! So chic, so beautiful. There's a lot of hype over this collaboration and so far it's not disappointing to the eye...only some what to the purse strings.

Left: Puff sleeve dress £99.99, leather gloves £29.99, clutch £24.99.
Right: Tiered dress £99.99, bag £29.99. sunglasses £14.99, necklace £24.99.

Left: Black one shoulder dress £99.99, Sunglasses £14.99.
Second left: Coat £99.99, necklace £34.99, sunglasses £14.99.
Right: Tux jacket £69.99, skirt £34.99, bracelet £24.99, sunglasses £14.99.
Far right: Black dress £79.99, necklace £34.99.

(images from

Jenifer Lopez's Gucci Children's Campaign.

N'awwwwwwwwwwww How cute are JLO's babies???

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dior SS11 Campaign...

How gorgeous is Marion Cotillard (French Actress/Beauty most recently in Inception) For Dior SS11 Campaign. Not to mention the stunning view of London.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Boring Fashion Student Bla...

Hi followers! If, like me, you are very bored. I would be over the moon if you could help me out with some 'Market Research' for my entrepeneur project. There aren't many questions, and I would owe you a whole bunch of favours! Snogs to you all xx

Click here to take survey

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Citights. City/tights. Clever? That's just how Henry rolls...

Maybe my favourite collection of House of Holland tights yet? I'm getting them ALL!
(I am slightly tight obsessed) They come in delightful depictions of New York, London, Paris and LA. I've always wanted to wear New York on my legs.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

A silly post about my silly day (and outfit)...

If any of you loves follow me on Twitter then you might have seen me tweet this morning about it being 'One of those days' It was the moment I tried forcing the kettle into the fridge I realised it. I had to be up for uni you see...and to be honest I hadn't made much progress since last week so thought I'd lug my laptop in and try and blag a hefty research file.

See evidence below...

My route from A to B to university...Takes a good 25 minutes with my little legs. I'm not a fast walker in the slightest, especially when i've got the burden of baby Macbook and Pukka file to haul in!

So this is when the 'one of those days' moments really kicks in. AVADA KEDAVRA engraved (well grafiti'd but engraved sounds more dramatic) into the wall right opposite my studio. I am a Harry Pothead fan, so i found it amusing - our whole uni has grafitti over it now, it's an Art School, and there's a lot of building going on. It's like a creative man's dream.

Amusement over, i plonk myself down and BAM, 'Oh Sarah's not with us today' I was peeeeeeeved to the maximum! But it's okay because I did have a very productive Katy Perry perv session and then had a lovely gossip with my friends. That's what you pay tuition fee's for right?

So there you have it a silly day. I'm home now. So thought I would do something productive and take pictures of my outfit because i'm wearing my favourite T-shirt of the moment and my hair is co-operating with me today :)

H&M Aviator Jacket and cheapy skull scarf from somewhere I can't remember. Someone actually asked me if that was a McQueen once, i think my response was 'PAH are you blind?!'

My gold Casio that i've worn every day since Christmas.

My heavy load...

PUGS NOT DRUGS. True story kids. Topshop Tee!


Me being hilarious and re-creating the Kettle-gate! And also having a stupid face, but still smiling after a pointless day.

Cup of tea, feet up and Twitter will sort me right out. But in seriousness I really need to do some work now!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Teri Hatcher's new hair-don't...

Ohh Teri what have you done? Your hair was more than fine as it was before ...but what is this?
I don't know if she actually IS a grandma but she sure does look like one now. The dress doesn't help either.

Anyone know if Desperate Housewives has planned another "5 years later..." plot on new season??

You will always find him in the kitchen at parties...

'Man like Me' take on the 80's stylings of Jona Lewie for remake of 'Kitchen at Parties'. (Which is also the new Ikea advert)

I love these boys, and have done ever since I found them randomly on myspace and made 'You're not Hot' my Myspace song....oh the days of Myspace! Ha! It's hard not to love them with lyrics such as 'Oh my gosh, i just don't give a toss' 'Oi Tron, what's going on' and 'Any excuse for an Ice Lolly, especially the blue ones that only cost 10p' - I could go on...

The London duo also have a somewhat fashionable past being performers for Jean Charles De Castelbajac's "JC in the sky with Diamonds' SS09 show. Pretty cool hey.

Friday, 8 October 2010

'The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary'

'The only time sucess comes before work is in the dictionary' Vidal Sassoon.
A momentary outburst of inspiration at Amelia's Fashion Land.

Hello lovely blog followers! (All 51 of you) If you read this, I am SO grateful of your follow - it's also allowed me to see lots of other amazing blogs out there. So thank you for that.

I've just gone back to university, so i'm sorry if my blogging is sporadic at times - it's 3rd year madness at the moment! I study Fashion Design and Technology at the Arts University College at Bournemouth and the first unit of my 3rd year is the 'Entrepeneur Unit' and as our first task we were set a 15 minute presentation where we could talk about our 'Personal Design Style' our 'Design Dreams' our 'Muses' and other break the ice mumbo jumbo things like that - basically so our new lecturer gets an insight into us.

I thought i'd share with you some of the quotes questions because I had a REALLY hard time answering these seemingly simple questions. When it comes down to it, it is quite hard to define who you are.

So i'm going to write the questions up, and if you want to get involved feel free to answer them on your own blogs, or in the comments box!

'What you have in your closet reveals what kind of job you have, what magazines you read, how creative you are, even where you went to college'
Nina Garin, Fashion Journalist.

Who are you? What is your Personal Design Style?

'I wish I had invented blue jeans, they have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all i hope for in my clothes'
Yves Saint Laurent.

If you could have invented one fashion item or fashion product, what would it be and why?

'I don't design clothes. I design Dreams'
Ralph Lauren.

What is your Design Dream?

Sofia [Coppola] is so active, and she made the Virgin Suicides, which I thought was great - all these things are inspiring to me, not in terms of creating a particular dress, just in terms of knowing there is this type of women out there'
Marc Jacobs.

Who is your muse?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

McQueen Spring/Summer 2011...

This is Sarah Burton's first McQueen collection as head designer since losing Alexander Lee McQueen in February. Shown in Paris this evening, the Spring/Summer 2011 collection is, to me, insanely beautiful! The aesthetic is completely consistent with the brand Lee McQueen built - with beautiful prints, overtly feminine silhouettes and absolutely original.

Here are some of my favourite comments on twitter about the show:

@HilaryAlexander Sensational collection by sarah burton for alexander mcqueen! Raffia, leather, feathers,tailcoats, poppy prints. Awesome.Legacy lives on

@styledotcom Sarah Burton proved herself a very worthy successor to Alexander McQueen at her runway debut tonight. #pfw NP

@SHOWstudio Stunning McQueen collection. Nature inspired. That may round cliche but it absolutely was not. Pheasant feathers and golden wheatsheafs.

@LorraineELLE Accomplished and beautiful. McQueen #pfw. Sarah Burton:one of our most talented and original designers. The butterflies were extraordinary.

@LorraineELLE Michael Jackson's 'I'll be there' played at the finale of Mcqueen #pfw haunting and moving.

@IamMademoiselle Sitting at McQueen, haunting cello music, very dark show space, wooden catwalk with grass growing up through it. General air of anticipation

@IamMademoiselle Sarah Burton at McQueen; from darkness came light. So wonderfully executed. A celebration of new beginnings, moving on without forgetting.