Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Summer Inspiration...

Summer is at the forefront of my mind at the moment. It's all I can think about. I hate that it's so cold when the wind blows it feels like it's stabbing your cheeks with a million little ice swords!!! I'm in outfit limbo in the mornings when it's sunny but you know it is blatantly sub zero outside. Not to mention all the beautiful spring/summer collections coming onto the high street. Colour has never looked so appealing.

So I thought to inspire you a little I would add some snippets from one of my favourite SS11 collections, Jonathan Saunders. I plan on mixing a lot of bright colours and prints this year - i'm already mentally shopping for my new wardrobe! So expect some kind of wish list post this week!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I went to see Black Swan...Having originally seen the trailer in August 2010, I was so excited to see it! Now I'm a bit disappointed - i think it's slightly overrated. Don't get me wrong it is a good film - just didn't give me that WOW factor like it has with many others!

Amelia xo

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Paris Spring Couture 2011 vs Oscar Outfit Predictions...

Killing two birds with one stone here. I could not let the Paris Couture collections pass me by without a collage or 3 (thank you for the compliments on them by the way, they take forever!) whilst I was going through them on I was imagining which celebrity would be worthy of wearing it on the red carpet. Then I got to thinking about possible Oscar outfits, and wham bam thank you mam. Now I will admit I don't know anything about the Oscars, or who is going to be invited, I just fancied getting creative!

I know this post is heavily favouring the stunning Elie Saab collection - which is by far the most beautiful! To be honest the rest seem a little bit...mediocre. Chanel is chanelling 1999 with those Skirt/Trouser/Skouser type things, Dior was a bit frumpy, Valentino a little to sheer and Givenchy is beautiful - if not a little unwearable. If I was a stylist I would dress everyone in Elie Saab. Budget permitting of course...

What do you think of my predictions?
I would love to see Blake Lively in that Elie Saab dress...and I was so torn between several dresses to put on Anne Hathaway she could easily wear any of these. My favourite of the bunch has to be Mila Kunis in...Elie Saab, and Helena Boham-Carter in Jean Paul Gaultier ( I was tempted to photoshop some different coloured shoes on her - legend!)

Sorry about the horrendous photoshopping! Those celebs do like a fake tan though.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Possibly the most beautiful sunglasses I've seen...I've heard the name floating about but when Megan Trimble (half of the creative team behind ZanZan along with Gareth Townshend) emailed me about the Spring/Summer 2011 collection I couldn't not share with you.

Completely hand made and original in shape and colour Zanzan sunglasses only sell in the best boutiques (stockists include Liberty and Start London) They couldn't be more bang on trend for SS11 with the new styles made from 70s acetate - some pairs are even one of a kind!

If you have a spare moment I would recommend looking at the workshop section on their website - beautiful photography of the whole process behind making the sunglasses!!

Anyone else super excited for summer now?

ASOS Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign...

I've just made a mental 'save for later' basket of all the pretty summer things I will inevitably end up purchasing this year. I love the use of ochre and lemon yellows against the neutral beige blacks and browns. Bumble Bee-esque. My favourite part of all are the accessories. I might need to go to some sort of English Garden Party for a day out with that delightful hat! What do you guys think? Are you as much of an ASOS obsessive as me?

Bandeau Playsuit £38.

Pleated Colour Trapeze Dress £46.

Premium Tailored High Waist Cropped Trouser £40.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Blogs of Note...

Well what a funny old weekend it has been. I hit 101 blog followers (THANK YOU ALL!) I really appreciate everyone who is following me and my ramblings about fashion. I'm currently at half way point of the dissertation - which is mind numbing. So I thought I would recharge my brain by paying some attention to the blog.

I spent most of my Sunday slumming in my PJ's, writing, checking twitter/facebook/asos/ every half an hour. It is no lie I am slightly addicted to internet shopping (Kristabel at I Want You To Know shares my asos addiction!) And one of my main sources of style inspiration comes from Style Bloggers. I respect them so so much for doing what they do, as we all know image and style can be the main source of criticism by the judgemental..

So I'm sharing some of my favourites. It will be interesting to see whether you guys share the same!

Cats and Rocking Chairs.
A new addiction of mine. The thing that I wanted to look at was the HAIR. Massive hair crush. I wish I had a natural brown with my ombré seems to be a bit more orangey. I love the relaxed feel of her style, casual denim, loose fitting shapes. If you want to acheive the 'i just threw this on and look amazing' style - take note!

I'd like to consider LLYMLRS as my hair twin. Although she may be offended... because mine never looks as good! I believe this girl has that natural style for mixing and matching. And her clothing colour palettes make for very pretty blog content. Have been following her for ages - What I like the most is that she wears predominantly High Street clothes!

Sarah-Leigh's Style Files.
Sarah-Leigh is a versatile blogger. It's not just style, she also takes the loveliest photos! What I like about Sarah is that she takes photo's from her night life and holiday life as well as just day wear! Not many bloggers do this in my opinion!

She's Called Claire.
A blogger on a mission. The lovely Claire has challeneged herself to wear vintage for 365 days! She's up in the double figures now, i've been following from pretty much the beginning and it's so inspiring! I am such a crap vintage shopper! Advice needed...

Probably my favourite of all (and I secretly want to be her!) She's a fashion graduate with KILLER style! and a knack for customising clothes. She also makes her own stuff - with a lot of leopard print love!!

Young Shields.
Such a pretty girl. Major face envy, her style is just quintessentially lovely! I think that's all I need to say!

Gem Fatale.
Gem Fatale is like a beacon of talent! Style blogging - yes. Also nail art, tuesday tips, and for a short while posts dedicated to bitching about items! Hilarious writing style and really engaging! Think she's going to be famous!

I'm sure there are MANY more! I follow a bajillion blogs because you are an inspirational bunch :)

Other Blogs worth following:
Dressing Miss Dolly.
I Want You to Know.
Quite Quaint.
Louder Than Silence.
Fashion Zen.
If you are not in Fashion.
Dreaming Spires and Old Car Tyres.
Ironic Fashion.
London Town's a go go.
Sarah Betty.
Diamond Canopy.
A Daisy Chain Dream.

I'm sure I have forgotten some so stay tuned for a part 2.

(I hope the style bloggers photo's I have used aren't offended by me using them - all credit due)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Designer Life...

'If you could wear only one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?'

If you are following me on Twitter ( you may have seen me ask my followers this very question a few weeks ago. A variety of answers came back including Chanel (of course) Temperley (decent) and Vivienne Westwood (woah) and even though I asked the question I couldn't for the life of me pick just one.

This is not your run of the mill 'Whose your favourite Spice Girl' type question - Baby -no no. It's as if I could answer it I would actually get to wear the designer for the rest of my days. I immediately thought DAMN YOU LUELLA! ( I want to remain faithful but your choices may be a little limited in a few years) and then my brain chased around all my favourites...

Richard Nicoll
Christopher Kane
Miu Miu
Burberry Prorsum
David Koma

No I can not pick just one. Can you?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Maria Diamandis has the Max Factor.

This may be old news but...Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds fame (and an ultimate girl crush for me) has been named as a new face of make up brand Max Factor.

The singer will model for the brand's 'Max Factor Colour Effect' and 'Big Night Out' campaign. 'Marina is such a colourful personality she was a perfect fit for us,’ said a Max Factor insider.

Couldn't think of a more colourful fit for their SS11 collection - which will feature lip glosses, eyeshadows and nail polishes in a variety of neon bright shades. They are hoping to attract a 'younger, more trendy market'

Do you like Marina's style? Will she have you painting your face in a rainbow of colours?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Swing/Summer 2011

It doesn't take a genius to realise that swinging hemlines, floaty silhouettes and sheer fabrics are going to be 'in' for Summer. So I will not waste any time patronising you - but boy for a bunch of Brits these designers don't half do Spring/Summer well.

Christopher Kane's colour palette is so sugary sweet it's hard to feel anything but love towards it. I love the retro glamour feel to it. That recurring Seventies trend is well and truly in force on the high street now, but no one does it better than Topshop Unique's SS11 collection - the print on print, the tassles....the HAIR! Wow.

Jonathan Saunders epitomises summer with crisp whites, bright oranges and tie dye bleeds. I would spend all summer in this collection if i could. Where as usual Richard Nicoll is a vision of sophistication with creamy pleated gowns and sport luxe feel.

If you spot a stylish person on holiday this year, they're bound to be British...

Christopher Kane

Topshop Unique.

Jonathan Saunders.

Richard Nicoll.