Sunday, 5 August 2012

My musings on Harry Styles...

I'm somewhat fascinated by the goings on of One Direction. I don't know where this came from - I have morals...I have a life...I have good taste in music. But there's just something about 'em. Especially that curly haired one...yeahhhh you know the one. Harry. Thinks he's a little bit oooh little bit ahhhh.

Anyway, he must own some sort of human cat nip equivalent because cougars are sniffing him out left, right and centre. His latest linking is the delightful Cara Delevingne. Burberry model. Doe eyed. Beautifully blonde. Would snap in ten places if you tapped her on the shoulder. I also heard a little rumour of goings on between Hazza and a certain country singer from the U S of A.....intrigued?

So I was going to be completely hilarious and morph Harry Styles' face with all of his lovers and see which babes made the best looking baby. Obviously that's just asking for One Direction fans to death threat you (and is a little bit creepy) so here we are...cute couple, non?