Friday, 30 October 2009

Joshua Allen Harris...

Joshua Allen Harris creates inflatable street art by creating structures made from plastic bags. He positions the bags to look like trash on top of subway grates but once the air travels upwards it inflates the bags into animated sculptures!


Monday, 26 October 2009

Blinking Trainers...

Remember those trainers with the flashing light when you walked??? Jimmy Choo has an adult version coming in spring....why has no one thought of this before!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Nick Robertson...

Nick Robertson is about as successful as you can get! Founder of He launched the company in the year 2000...the great-grandson of Austin Reed's Founder. He conceived the idea a long with Quentin Griffiths to capitalise on people wanting to buy the things Celebrities wear on television. (As Seen On Screen)

As Seen On Screen August 2000.
June 2003
May 2006

May 2008

Reaching over 5 million unique hits a month and with over 2 million registered users ASOS is a winner of many awards, and continues to see profits soar within difficult economic climate. The demand for ASOS is huge, and Nick Robertson has definitely jumped from strength to strength over the 9 years of ASOS.

Monday, 12 October 2009


Its so long to the summer months, if we can even call them that anymore! Now we're back into the swing of university just wanted to update my progress over the summer.

I pretty much went from uni to a placment at mudpie which I wrote my placement report about. In which i got the chance to blog for their website which is a leading Fashion intelligence/forecasting site...These are 2 examples of the Blogs I did for them.

I also did a placement at ASOS in their studio which was fantastic! Below is Asos HQ its a massive building taking up 2 floors.

I helped with the shoot assistants and fashion assistants, making sure the clothes were sourced, ready for the shoot, dressing the models to a standard fit for photographs! Everyone was so amazing and i've managed to get a few contacts for the future.

Some of the shoots I helped style for were Karen Millen, Gap, Asos own brands, Mens Outlet, Acne, Fred Perry, Franklin and Marshall, and Reiss 1971.

Beyond the Valley

Franklin & Marshall

Karen Millen


Reiss 1971

It was an invaluable learning experience especially to see not only how ASOS style their clothes, but how all the other brands use guidelines to style. It has definitely pushed me towards styling for the future and i am so so so excited about making a collection now. The inspiration i have got from this summer is HUGE.

(Although i didn't take this video it is EXACTLY where i worked for my placement!)

So those are the placements!

I also visited the Royal College of Art Exhibition which was fabulous. 'Future Fashion Now' at the V&A. I used the exhibition as inspiration for jacket structures for our up and coming jacket project! Here are a few snap shots...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Sky Graffiti...

oh wow, graffiti in the sky! Ron English creates clouds in the sky, by skywriting the word 'cloud' several times...

Marina Beresford-Stooke...

Some beautiful Catwalk Illustrations by Marina Beresford-Stooke from recent fashion week shows...

Willam Tempest SS10 Illustrated by Marina Beresford-Stooke

Catwalk illustration at William Tempest by Marina Beresford-Stooke