Saturday, 30 January 2010

5 minute presentation.

Where Are You?
Currently studying Fashion Design at AUCB. Getting into the swing of the Second year.

How did you get There?
I had enough of working full time in retail. It was depressing!! So i applied to uni, this course was the most vocational which is why it appealed to me. Throughout the first year I had a taste of many different aspects of fashion. I'd always been set on being a Visual Merchandiser because of my time in retail but having enjoyed the design side i was swaying more towards that pathway because it seemed more of a challenge. After toying with the idea all summer i came to a decision that even tho i loved blogging, and promotional aspects the design pathway would give me the opportunity to make a collection. whilst I can continue with my blog and other projects on the side giving me a more prospective future and portfolio. In the summer I completed placements styling at Asos, and Design at Mudpie trend forecasting! Which were both amazing experiences.

Where do you want to go next? How might you package yourself?
Next I want to complete a collection. Successfully. And move onto the top up year for FdA Fashion. From here I will continue to make a brand for myself by blogging up a storm, hopefully gaining popularity. I think this will be a good way to package myself.

Where it might take you?
It will hopefully take me towards a career I will enjoy. I'm looking to get into Fashion forecasting or Fashion womenswear Ready-To-Wear design.

Who might influence your decisions now and in the future?
Tutors will obviously influence my decisions. Criticism and Feedback will help me grow and improve. Friends from the course will obviously influence me. I believe the more ambition you are surrounded with the more it will spur you on, and obviously healthy competition will to. Inspirations and aspirations, my favourite designers, bloggers and also family will all influence me also.

Haute Couture Week, Paris...

Iridescent, mysterious and romantic describe some of the collections of haute couture week in Paris. Colour palettes of dull pastels, silver, nude, petrol blue and raspberry take over the catwalk in an elegant array of Cinderella dresses. Even looking at these couture collections make you feel like a princess.

Karl Lagerfeld for chanel described his inspiration as an ‘electronic flash’ for this rococo meets astro collection. Boxy silhouettes and chiffon ruffles, on floor length gowns and short suits. An age away from his black and navy adorned with gold buttons.

Maison Martin Margiela presented in an exhibition like form. With spotlights on the models highlighting the outfit and less focus on the face. This ran with the mysterious feel of the collection. every outfit shows a 3d perspective, with mohair running through cage like structures, over emphasised rouched shoulder detail, and unitards covered in blossom.

Elie Saab played on romanticism and used the paler tones of washed out pastels and nude. A beautiful collection of gowns fit for the red carpet. Saab used layering and embroidery to accentuate the luxurious feel of couture. Beautifully soft and feminine.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Waste not want not...

With Visiting tutor Claire, we've been doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Last week, in practice for the end of year show, we styled accessories....hand made accessories! Bringing in a lot of junk to get creative with. Well about as creative you can get with an old jumper and a hair bow.

Ugly Betty Bye Bye...

I'm completely gutted Ugly Betty is being axed. Its being discontinued - because of poor ratings in America - once they have found a satisfying ending to the programme.

I am hooked on the series. I know its fictional but it was healthy to see someone not stick thin, and not perfect taking on the likes of the big cut-throat Fashion bosses! It brings to light some issues with the Fashion industry - ie self esteem and body image. There are a lot of problems with Anorexia especially in young girls who watch programme's like 'The Hills' it portrays a perfect image of the industry. It was a refreshing image to promote of an average, hard working girl who has been given a chance - albeit I wouldn't condone wearing her wardrobe if i worked for 'Mode' (which is essentially Vogue) and she wasn't that interested in fashion to begin with either...but STILL, what I mean to say is Hard work, confidence and determination will get you where you want to be. Starving yourself, not so much.

Monday, 18 January 2010

What's in a Brand...?

- Personality
- Image
- Promises
- Slogan
- Logo
- Heritage
- Value
- Emotional Benefits
- Hard Benefits

My Creative philosophy 'Design clothing that I would want to wear' it maybe self indulgent. But sometimes there are clothes you imagine in your head....and you can't find anywhere! This is a solution for girls like me.


My favourite:

I've tried to reflect a Fresh, Girly and Simplistic look into this logo, which I think sums up my aesthetic..

Business Card rough idea's...

Obviously these are very very rough and don't look that exciting at the moment but Ideally would like to use a card with foil embossed logo on the front, and have an image in the space onto the back!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

1960's Exposed.

We got the briefs for our Professional Projects before Christmas. So obviously us designers have to make a collection, and I have chosen the SDC 'Colour' Brief to design mine for. This means we have to use colour in a 'creative way' and incorporate 'social responsibility' ... So i have decided to take my theme of 'colour' to a new level and take influences and inspirations from the youth-quake of the 1960s and mod culture of London! Pop colours and Pop culture! To help me along with my research i attended the 'Beatles to Bowie: The 1960s exposed' exhibition at the national portrait gallery. It was amazing. I've got some amazing inspiration from it!

My life for the next 6 months...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


For me the moment I fell in love with Grace Coddington was watching 'The September Issue' and Anna Wintour kept taking Grace's photos out of the magazine...then BAM she had the brain wave.
Anna Wintour loved it. Although she did tell Bob the camera man he needed to go to the gym - and that his belly would be retouched....

Low and behold whilst researching for my up and coming collection, I found this editorial from the swinging 60s of model Jean Shrimpton. I'm a little hurt its been done before but must condone her for her memory! Its been redone not as 'white on white' but about colourblocking. FAB-U-LOUS use of inspiration. She's still my idol.