Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Top 10 Fashion Moments of 2012...

From the bizarre to the flawless and everything in between, here are my top ten fashion moments of 2012...

Alexander Wang's niece, Alia, was probably the youngest fashion hit of 2012. New York's best dressed without a doubt. And OBVIOUSLY she picks her own outfits..........

Kristen Stewart's home-wrecker glow appears to have done her wonders. All jokes aside stroppy Stewart has topped best dressed lists everywhere by wearing straight-off-the-runway Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs. 

Model of the year. It's comments like 'I ate a McDonalds before I walked the Victoria's Secret show' that make you want to smack a model oops upside their head...but there's something so likeable about Cara Delevingne!  

Yves-less Saint Laurent. Hedi Silmane certainly shook up fashion fans this year by dropping the Yves from Yves Saint Laurent. Now known as 'Saint Laurent Paris' fashion bloggers everywhere were in shock with some even comparing the name change to the Opal Fruits/Starburst debacle. 

Angelina's Leg. The one we love to hate, Angelina Jolie, fuelled the fire with a very odd Oscar 2012 stance. Could it get any further from her body?!

The Sha-may-zing Sherzy. Nicole Sherzinger's captured the nation with flawless Saturday night style every week. Not to mention her made up words and perhaps overusing the term 'balls'.

Speaking of balls, Beckham made the headlines (for something other than his social life) when he became the first male to cover Elle UK solo. And what a cover it was too...

What's new pussy-kat? Lagerfeld's feline friend Choupette makes my top 10 with tongue in cheek tweets such as "A human male's interest in football is as bewildering as Crocs or Kitten heels" #Genius.

 A Burberry Wedding. Christopher Bailey announced his engagement to Etonian actor, Simon Woods. Who also happens to be a Bond girl's ex-boyfriend. Only the best for Bailey!

Where would any Top 10 of 2012 list be without a mention of the Olympics? We had Gandy, Moss, Campbell et all strutting their stuff at the closing ceremony. Some criticised, I made whimpers of excitement and nothing else!

I hope you all have had an incredible 2012! What are your top fashion moments of 2012?

Thanks for reading.
Amelia xoxo

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Has Miranda Kerr hired a stylist?

There's no denying Miranda Kerr is one of the world's top models of today but until recent she's never cropped up on my list of people who's wardrobe I'd want. You know the score...Olsen Twins, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Tulisa (JOKE!).

Anyway, could it be this long-legged, dimpled beauty is in possession of a s-t-y-l-i-s-t? Or have I been ignorantly missing out on a series of enviable outfits (especially in the footwear department, great shoes Kerr, great shoes!).

What do you think? Stylist or no stylist?

Amelia xo

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Shine Bright Like Burberry SS13...

When I was small I had a purple metallic bike. I indubitably earned the nick name 'wrapping paper bike' from the boy next door. Little did Paul from Aldworth Drive know how totally Spring/Summer 2013 I was (take that, bastard)!

Burberry's SS13 collection takes coloured metallics to another level. In fact you'd be forgiven for mistaking it with a box of Quality Streets. Toffee pennies, strawberry creams...the green triangle one. I'm thinking Christopher Bailey had a subconscious inspiration from a box of chocs. Hasn't he just got engaged...? Celebrations a plenty!


Now THIS is how to do sweet-spiration. Take note Cheryl 'Liquorice Allsort' Cole...cough cough.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

My musings on Harry Styles...

I'm somewhat fascinated by the goings on of One Direction. I don't know where this came from - I have morals...I have a life...I have good taste in music. But there's just something about 'em. Especially that curly haired one...yeahhhh you know the one. Harry. Thinks he's a little bit oooh little bit ahhhh.

Anyway, he must own some sort of human cat nip equivalent because cougars are sniffing him out left, right and centre. His latest linking is the delightful Cara Delevingne. Burberry model. Doe eyed. Beautifully blonde. Would snap in ten places if you tapped her on the shoulder. I also heard a little rumour of goings on between Hazza and a certain country singer from the U S of A.....intrigued?

So I was going to be completely hilarious and morph Harry Styles' face with all of his lovers and see which babes made the best looking baby. Obviously that's just asking for One Direction fans to death threat you (and is a little bit creepy) so here we are...cute couple, non?


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nicole Richie for Company

I L-O-V-E Nicole Richie. So had to re post her interview with Company Magazine. Faaaaaabulous.

This season you’ll all be coveting...
I would have to say the Carmen sunglasses from the House of Harlow 1960 collection. I am so pleased that the Chelsea sunglasses are so popular! As for shoes, I love the gold Kail slipper shoe as they are so vibrant, and the Neelo jumpsuit from the WinterKate range – it is super comfortable but chic.

Secrets behind my collection:
The S/S12 range was inspired by my travels to the Souks of Marrakech, as well as Egyptian Sarcophagus. The feminine qualities are juxtaposed with intricate woven details, saturated colours and hardware that bring the old world to the present day. For A/W12, the collections are inspired by the 1970s and gothic rock.

I most like seeing my designs worn by...
Anyone who is passionate about what they choose to wear and are excited and motivated by my designs. I always design for women who love to play with fashion. I study what people are drawn to by personally getting feedback from my customers. I admire anyone who is fearless in what they choose to wear.

My fashion girl crush is
Oh that is so hard, but probably Kate Moss

My success
My husband and children keeping me grounded, and I work very closely with my brilliant team to build the brand. Scheduling is key!

My shopping wing-woman is
My daughter Harlow

I’m happiest when shopping for
vintage clothing and furniture at flea markets.

The most fashionable place on earth has to be
My mother’s closet

British style rocks because
British girls have a very unique sense of style; they can throw vintage, high street and designer pieces together to create one great look That is so inspiring!

Aspiring designers, listen up!
Be true to yourself and stay strong and focused at all times

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Beyoncé is BACK...

Beyoncé is back ladies and gents! The hardest working woman in show business (just watch the videos below) returned to the stage this weekend for the launch of a billion dollar casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I was looking for some Saturday inspiration...and I found it, cheers bey!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Prepare yourself...

I am peeing my pants a little bit for this. And that is all there really is to say! Thank god for an Elle subscription.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ab-Fab or Ab-surd...?

Not so much a brand spanking new phenomenon... more a come back trend of the nineties resurfaced by fashion gods who are probably rekindling their love for Clueless...

Only this time it's not so in your face 6 pack abs from the likes of Gwen Stefani and Janet Jackson. It's a tasteful peek-a-boo of midriff between a high rise waist line and a high rise top.

Being shifted into the limelight by toned tummies such as Selena Gomez and Lana Del Rey. Plus the not so chic Tulisa (sorry babez) and the less thought out Miley Cyrus (she's so toned she could get away with walking around naked. Put it like that and we're suddenly not so adversed to her constant show of stomach).

(L-R: Selena Gomez, Lana Del Rey, Tulisa, Miley Cyrus)

(L-R: Acne, Anthony Vaccarello, Aquilano Rimondi, Bill Blass)

(L-R: Dolce & Gabanna, Helmut Lang, Prada, Preen)

(L-R: Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Band of Outsiders)

Is this a trend you will be trying? Whether you will or won't it's good summer body motivation all the same!

Amelia xo

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Catch up...

I forgot my blogging password.

What have I become? Shall we go with the ripe old excuse of quantity over quality...and if I don't make you laugh at least once in this post you are entitled to a full refund.

Speaking of laughs I wanted to blog this video clip as it makes me think 'well, it could be worse!'. I'm currently sitting in the dark because (I'm assuming) my light bulb died - correct my terminology if I'm wrong there. I didn't notice for the first 2 minutes because I'm so engrossed with the procrastination of a) tidying my room b) changing my sheets and c) packing for my holiday!

I will be flying solo (solo solo) for the first time ever on Wednesday! So I will be loading up my iPhone with tonnes of Sex and the City. I've been watching it all day and can clarify that my favourite season is a close call between 3 and 4. 3 for the fashion (it's all filmed on sunny days) and 4 because Aiden looks hotter with short hair.

What's yours? And any movie/music recommendations for travelling are warmly welcomed!

Amelia xo

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Karl Lagerfeld on Lana Del Rey...

"I prefer Adele and Florence Welch. But as a modern singer she is not bad.The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice. Lana del Rey is not bad at all. She looks very much like a modern-time singer. In her photos she is beautiful. Is she a construct with all her implants? She's not alone with implants."

- Karl Lagerfeld, Metro

Welcome to Miami...

I wonder if it ever snows, rains or falls marginally anywhere under 10 degrees in Miami? Nah. Probs not! Exactly why i've decided to post the River Island Spring Campaign video. Clashing prints and bright colours. Versace eat your heart out.

What do you think? Getting those summer vibes yet?

Amelia xo

Sunday, 5 February 2012

AW12 Men's Edit...

Around 6 months ago I did an SS12 Men's Edit so it's about that time again (post Men's Fashion Week) to do another. Seems a little odd seeing as we've not yet hit Spring...but hey! It's snowing outside and is there a better excuse for me to look at male models on a Sunday afternoon - i think not!


I spy driving jackets. I spy Leather. I spy...printed red trousers? In my eyes you can't go wrong with a pointed collar and a double breasted NAVY jacket. Brown leather trousers, hmmm, not so much. Bowling bag, yes! Cropped sleeve coat, no. But what this Swedish cult label is spelling out is L-A-Y-E-R-S (it is winter I suppose. Duh)


I. Love. So it appears Tin Tin has had an influence on Madame Carven's French fashion house. I'm not complaining. I love the mixture of Teal and rich shades of wine red. Tailored trousers. Tailored jackets. Shirts and rucksacks. Tobacco camel colours are back too?

Louis Vuitton.

Not much to say here except cheekbones. Oops, i mean suaaaaave. It's farmer meets pyjama meets varsity meets BANKER. A banker trend hey? Who'da funk it.


Givenchy. Just casually stitching male model's mouths up. Everything else is pretty self explanitory. Varsity jackets, graphic prints, thick stripes and smart coats. Add a star in for good measure.


Oh. There goes that farmer/banker style again...Quilted jackets have been the in thing for men for the past few years. I'd like to see someone take on the PUFFA. Yes with a velvet suit underneath, but of course. Tis the only way to wear a puffa jacket don't you know...

So there we go girls and boys (hopefully) a small round up of what's to come. Or indeed, what to wear now as I don't see the sun rearing it's pretty little head anytime soon.

Amelia xo

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

We are Titanium...

I've got this friend called Lara Lain. She's kind of a big deal. I'm sure you know her already. If not imma divulge a little bit o' info...

I don't usually do the 'personal blog' thing, but I thought this would be a nice going away present for Lainy. She leaves for Thailand tomorrow and i'm going to miss her. Everyone always asks how we know each other - well, she organised that kinda massive LOOK MAGAZINE competition I won ohhhh about a year ago! Since then we've kept in touch. When I moved to London we met up a couple of times and then lightning struck. My world turned upside down and whilst struggling to find somewhere to live I confided in Lar. She was going through something similar and ever since we have been like THAT (imagine i'm crossing my fingers ok?)

It's said that once you find a good friend, you hold on to them. And we literally don't stop laughing, infact I don't think i've ever had this much fun (Giggsy, Shuggs and Mr Bean too)! We've done michelin star lunches, been backstage at the o2 arena, 5star hotel parties and SWANSEA (where she introduced me to NIK! Funniest welshy ever. Add ALYSHA to that list too) we've also been to some pretty rough places too... cough newham cough.

We've got some exciting things coming up for 2012 so hurry back LAIN! Keep an eye on Lara's blog I Feel Like I Dreamt It because she's doing an awesome feature whilst she's away :)

Amelia xo

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What's heavier the dress or the model...

Oh. Wow. Paris Couture Week 2012 will always provide an oooh / aaahh moment or 4 but boy does this take the biscuit!

Stephane Rolland created a 110lb dress (50 kilos) which was walked/dragged down the catwalk by 47 year old Yasmin Le Bon. The train is 45 metres and she had to have 2 rather dapper male assistants...meh, better than a poke in the eye!

Do we love or do we love? I tell you what i'm not loving. That weirdo pointless pony tale at the back of her head..............No love.

I've got some good posts lined up for the ol' Fashion Land blog. Admit it, you missed me didn't you.

That's what they all say...
Amelia xo

Images from the Holy Grail. Uh...I mean the Daily Mail.

Monday, 16 January 2012

He's Not That Hot Anyway...

...ahhhhh no boy rant here i'm afraid. Just quoting the absolute GENIUS that is Moi Self Helpful Hankys. Now i don't use a hanky, I'm pretty sure no one I know uses a hanky. But i found myself wanting each and every one of these bad boys and can think of several people who would enjoy them too! They're too pretty to wipe your nose on... but i'll be getting atleast 3 for motivational they're only £10. Barg.

Available on My-Wardrobe on the 26th Jan.

Which one is your favourite? Fix your mascara (you're amazing) is mine :)

Amelia xo

Monday, 9 January 2012

Steal their Style, Sweetie...

Well well again! Major boo hiss to me for being so absent recently. Living in London, working hard and maintaining my social life (which deserves it's own blog truth be told) has been hogging my time! I promise to blog at least once a week from now on. This post is dedicated to my latest obsession - Absolutely Fabulous. It wasn't something I was ever that into growing up, but Lara has changed that!

In fact we are morphing into Pats and Ed the more time we spend together. We haven't figured out which one is which I thought I'd do this post as a 'What Would They Wear' type thang. So......which one are you???


Smoking, drinking, sexaholic Patsy. Fashion Director who hasn't eaten since the 1970's. Fan of a two piece and always flashing a bit of leg, sweetie.

Marios Schwab - Christopher Kane - Chanel


Eddie's style is a wondrous thing. Borderline garish with a slight hint of 90's ghetto. Not afraid to take risks (head to toe denim on the Christmas special??)

Stella McCartney - Acne - D&G


I loveeee bubble. She is CLEARLY a Meadham Kirchhoff kinda gal...anyone who wears a dress covered in telly tubbies would be!

Meadham Kirchhoff - Preen - House of Holland

Do you all watch Ab Fab? I loved the Christmas special. Especially Bubble's impression of P-middy!!!

Amelia xo