Thursday, 31 March 2011

Accessorize SS11 Campaign...

Here are some of my favourite shots from the Accessorize SS11 Campaign. I need to go on holiday immediately! I'm much more of an accessoriser when it comes to summer seasons because in general you wear less clothing! My head is wandering now just thinking about all the sandals, sunglasses and prettiful jewellery.

YAY. Summer!

'Sweetie Dah-ling I am SO 1950's right now'

From Accessorize I've got my eye on the daisy chain and spotted head bands, the floral print tassle (of course) bag! In fact all of the bags, and all of the gold jewellery! I'm such a sucker for gold. I wear a gold Casio every day, i like to keep things co-ordinated!

I'm so in the mood for an accesorize spree right now. They always have the best flip flops don't you think??

Amelia xo

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Henry Holland and Land Rover...

Possibly the most unlikely collaboration yet absolutely GENIUS! I've just seen this video which documents the pairing of the two brands to create Holland's AW11/12 Lookbook. The idea is that using the Land Rover and Evoque Iphone app, they travel to different locations in London, which on a map will look like the House of Holland logo - bloody brilliant.

Love the locations they've used, paints a perfect picture of London I think.

I'm so in to videos at the moment. In fact I had a tutorial at uni today, and think I may be doing something very excitingly video related! Hope you've had a good day fashion land readers! I'm planning a give away at the moment, it will all kick off as soon as I get to 300 followers!

Amelia xo

Ps trying to find a picture of the finished route, but it's proving rather difficile. Maybe that is part 2?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Yay for YAYER...

YAYER, if you didn't know, is an online store that stocks vintage and modern clothing. The reason i'm a fan is because of the eclectic selection of on beat fashion. I'm normally not a massive vintage buyer because I don't think it particularly suits me, but there is no trend you can't find on Yayer. Florals, Brights, Fringing. Cropped shirts that tie at the waist and the infamous new skirt length otherwise known as the 'midi'. You have to be quick though, because trust me the best little gems sell like hot cakes!

I've picked out or 'styled' if you will some of my favourite Yayer bits into outfits. Also bought back a little blog feature that many of you loved from my Look Posts in February! The Pantone swatch...

The Floral and The Sheer.

Or should I say the Floral the Sheer and the BRIGHTS. A combination of this floral blazer, the turquoise (best colour ever) shorts, and sheer shirt could be the makings of the perfect summer day time look!

The Midi and The Cropped.

I love things tied around the waist at the moment, and the fact that it's pink is a bonus! Perfect to compliment a midi or maxi skirt, as well as the clashing print trend with polka dots vs ditsy florals!

The Fringing and The High-Waist Hotpant.

Tassles, Tassles, Tassles! Gorgeous Sheer fabrics and vintage high-waisted hotpants. My perfect outfit!

The Animal Print and The Oversize Knit.

Get your animal print on the go with a midi-summer dress, satchel, and colbalt blue knit! Three must haves in one outfit!

Do you guys like YAYER? I get so much inspiration from it! They're also lovely and active on


so check them out!

Amelia xo

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Astrology Fox...

I entered my blog into a Wildfox competition a while back, running with their 'Heart of Gold' Zodiac tees they picked a blog to represent each star sign! So you're looking at the Cancer Astrology Fox...For the competition they gave us our own Zodiac tee's mine says 'Imagine' which couldn't be further from the truth, i'm constantly day dreaming! I've wanted this tee in particular for AGES, but I couldn't afford it.

I'm not really an outfit post kind of blog, so if this thoroughly disappoints you...I apologise! The reason I used a webcam is because I didn't know how to work the self timer button on my camera. And if someone takes pictures of me I have like a Chandler face and end up looking like a weirdo - I'm open to any outfit blogging tips! Anyway, I thought I would use the opportunity as an Astrology Fox to let you know a little bit more about me!

The closed eyes were accidental, but this is me in my most treasured place. My room, with my laptop (on the twitter home page may I add).

As the blog name suggests, I am Amelia. I'm 22 and I live in Bournemouth (for now) I finish uni in June, and hoping to get into Fashion Online when I finish! My star sign is Cancer, and i'm quite typical of that! Sensitive, caring, quiet and creative. I'm such a water baby too. Hense sharing my pictures of my trip to the beach today!

Cancers are supposed to be firm on the outside, soft on the inside. People that know me know that I'm probably the opposite way around. (I worry a LOT) But nonetheless a typical cancerian! When i'm not doing anything fashion/uni related I spend my time with my family and loved ones.

My pin board with lots of memories I like to keep hold of.
Me and my (Brother's) Canon.
A wardrobe full of clothes I never wear and need to ebay at some point.

I'm such a hoarder. Apparently this is a typical cancer trait because crabs hoard stuff to build houses? Weird...

Bournemouth Beach.

Little pug walking through town!

New Sunglasses courtesy of Polaroid. They're so fricking good.

So that's it from me. Now can someone tell me how to use the self timer button on a canon 400D???

Amelia xo

PS. I always wanted the cancer symbol tattoo'd on me, but it kind of looks like '69'.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen US Vogue...

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for US Vogue April 2011.

Love these pictures. They look like they've been taken in the 1990's and styled that way too!

Amelia xo

(images from The Stylist Site)

London Fashion Week: Burberry Prorsum AW11/12...

How many times can you re-invent a Trench Coat? Well I don't care, keep 'em coming Burberry.

The perfect Autumnal shades in a burnt orange and moss green. Palazzo pants appear to have morphed into a thigh skimming skinny flare! Fur and knitwear combined screams I'M WARM. Remember that one.

Livening up Autumn/Winter with a flash of bright colour. The duffle style coat makes a comeback. Not sure I am fond of the bold black toggles against the bright colour (looks a bit jane norman)

Big oversized checks creep onto the Autumn/Winter circuit (Peclers said this would happen - clever!) I love a lumberjack look. Not sure about it in a hot pink coat but I am loving the mandarin collar on the yellow and blue checked trench.

Fur is back. Those puffa jackets by the looks of things too. Lot's of purple, navy, brown and stone shades. Seems a neutral way to bring your wardrobe into winter. Not sure I wear any of those colours in the summer!

Where has all this Dalmation print come from? It was all the rage for Topshop's Unique show too. (Think that will be my next post!) All this crisp white tailoring has got Ice Queen written all over it! It makes me want snow - and I hate snow! Cute little waist belts tied in a bow to define the waist - Feminine is in. So who is going to buy one of those fluffy hats?

Verdict: Not my favourite Burberry collection. Although love the autumnal coloured tweed like fabrics.

Prediction: In 6 months time we'll all be wondering around in our bright pink duffle coats and furry dalmation hats, with skinny flares on....or not.

Do you love this?

Amelia xo

Monday, 21 March 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Givenchy AW11/12...

All eyes and ears are surrounding Riccardo Tisci with the 'confirmation' he is taking over as head designer of Dior. The most recent collection of his for Givenchy is probably my favourite from Paris Fashion Week AW11/12. The mixture of florals, embellishments, leather and fur are enough to make you want October to come around again - or who am i kidding it's cold enough in England all year round.

The collars are my favourite element of the collection. As mentioned in my Wish list post, i'm loving everything with collars on. The exaggerated points and prints are so freakin cool too.

Take a look at some of the Givenchy accessories. Bowler hats with added bat ears, and furry Cat glasses. Must have for Autumn/Winter? Beautiful embellished cuffs and plastic looking ornate belts to contrast the heavily printed fabrics.

'I may be bad but i'm perfectly good at it...' S&M inspiration on Tisci's behalf? An abundance of leather, bat like silhouettes, sheer fabrics and black black black. Rivalling Christopher Kane's AW10 collection - minus the lace.

I love these prints. Pin up girls and panthers. So seductive! Such an amazing collection - why oh why must Tisci leave. Exciting to see it all progress though!

How do you feel about the whole Givenchy/Dior/Lanvin swap rumours?

Amelia xo

America's Next Top Model Vogue Italia...

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 was only one model's game from the beginning. Anne. The gawky looking 6ft2 girl. The phrase 'in the bag' comes to mind.

So these are leaked photo's from Anne's Vogue Italia shoot (released in May 2011 apparently)
Not seen any of these floating about the blogosphere as of yet. So enjoy!

How beautiful is the colour one! Must be from the 'Beauty' spread.
Anyone keeping up to date with ANTM cycle 16? I LOVE JACLYN!

Amelia xo

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wishlist: Count down to pay day...

I get paid a week on Friday, and until then I am pretty much penniless. But a girl can dream, right?

Spots, stripes, A-line skirts and Palazzo pants. Something very 1950's about this wishlist. That with the popping bright colours I could be onto a winning look for summer! I am loving these cropped tee's that tie at the waist, I've already got one in blue but i'm going for one in every colour.

PS can someone please stretch my legs so that I can look good in Palazzo pants!

(Everything River Island except Polka Dot Shirt which is Topshop)

Got to love the 70's Riviera chic. Just can't escape it at the moment. Embrace it I say. I neeeeed this blazer in my life, and the shoes! And the hat! Oh screw it, I need it all!

(Jumpsuit, Shorts, Jeans and top - Topshop. Blazer and Shoes - River Island)

I'm not sure what kind of trend these bits would fit in with, maybe a floral/bright colour/preppy look. I'm in love with collars at the moment. And these Asos Floral Jeans have just been reduced to £28. (without a doubt they will go back up to £35 just before i get paid - because asos LOVE to do that to me lately) This turquoise drop hem shirt from Miss Selfridge has been on my Wishlist for aaages. Think it's a definite must for pay day.

(Cardigan, Union Jack tank, Lace Shirt and Red Jeans - Topshop. Floral Jeans - Asos. Denim Shorts and Turqouise shirt - Miss Selfridge.)

Needless to say I'm getting broody for a shopping spree (Must make up a word for that soon...Sproody??) Hope everyone has had a good weekend! If you went shopping, please tell me and make me utterly green with envy.

Amelia xo

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Accessory Report...

A cross between shabby chic and vintage elegance with Chanel's AW11/12 Accessories. I can only imagine the type of money one of those hair pins costs! Is Karl Lagerfeld bringing back Biker Boots for next winter? Can't they just go away...please! And as for the mid-heel, well as a girl of 5 foot 2 I can not conform to a mid-heel.

It wouldn't be Chanel without that trademark frayed tweed tailoring and quilted something or another. But this collection had added styling with an array of fingerless gloves in knitted and lace fabrics. Hence the shabby chic. Can you imagine wearing thousands of pounds worth of embellishments mixed with fagan-esque gloves and boots? Something for the weekend perhaps...

I'm often drooling over Chanel accessories (I'm not sure I'll ever be able to afford any) but maybe it's the vintage ones that truly are the best. What are your thoughts?

Amelia xo

(Individual images from Vogue)

Monday, 14 March 2011

Backstage Stella McCartney AW11/12...

I seem to be obsessed with the backstage goings on of a fashion show. Having put on an end of year show last year i'm not too sure why. It's all drama, drama, chaos, bitchy, drama - and that's just from a handful of Second Year fashion students! Can you imagine the atmosphere backstage at Stella McCartney...? I put together these images ( Vogue) to give a different representation of a Collection report.

Accessories bring a vintage glamour in satchels complete with eye popping gold chains, chunky gold cuffs and a velvet mid-heel court shoe. Alterations being made up until the last minute. Never envy a seamstress. Even if they are working in the company of Jourdan Dunn.

Make up and Hair take sophisticated chic on board with black winged eye liner and side parted buns. Natural skin, lips and nail polish. It's all very...Stella McCartney. They look just like her!

A collection with spots is always a firm favourite with me. They way Stella uses irregular, loose and masculine shapes and turns them into a feminine depiction of beauty is inspiring. Gold Lamé and Blue velvet and Galactic Prints, which were big themes from my Peclers Fabric Round up are shaping up to be big trends for Autumn/Winter 11-12 already!

Have you noticed any emerging trends for AW11/12 yet? Let me know...


PS. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for continuing to follow me on my blog and on twitter. As a thank you I'm organising a blog giveaway for when I hit 300 followers! So tell all your friends :)