Thursday, 10 June 2010

GFW Best Womenswear

The award for best Womenswear collection goes to Northbrook student Rhea Fields. Rhea was inspired by silhouettes from men's tailoring and mixed it with feminine fabrics for an altogether androgynous look.

With subtle shades of peach and beige, and added effect from sequins and polka dots, the collection shows an innovative approach to tailoring. A slick sophisticated look from Fields who said she had 'never expected to get in, let alone to win anything' .

(images courtesy of catwalking)

GFW Gold Award Winner

Rebecca Thomson of Manchester Metropolitan University won the GFW Gold Award for best student at last nights Gala show. The 22 year old explored a variety of fabrics, tailoring and proportions to create a light and effortlessly chic graduate collection.

The crisp white voluminous shirts and trouser combinations adorned with bows and ruffles a plenty caught the eye of Alberta Feretti, the designer who presented Thomson with her £20,000 award, was said to pe blown over by Rebecca's 'unusual and interesting combination of fabric' and for the 'contemporary' attitude to her collection.

(images courtesy of catwalking.)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


A rather compelling 8 minutes and 43 seconds. You have to watch it to see. It's Icy, Fiery and of course dramatic from start to finish in that individual Gaga fashion.

I can't help but notice Lady G is drawing on her inspirations by adopting a Madonna-esque bob and even adapting the infamous cone bra into what can only be described as...Machine gun bra?! Well all that combined with dance routines, naked men and writhing makes for a must watch music video.