Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Big Fat Mary Love (and a big fat catch up)...

Hello! Only me! I hope you remember who 'me' is. Sorry for the lack of blog posts - it's been a busy few weeks! The low down of my past 2 weeks:

- I went from Intern to Online Content Editor in the space of a day for Donna Ida! ( Follow the FB and Twitter to keep up with me during the day!)
- My evenings are consumed with London house hunting - not fun.
- I spent 3nights watching the news from 7pm until 3am during the riots.
- I went on slim fast for a week (don't bother - it's pointless)
- I've been reading a lot of the LOOK show entries (comment or tweet me your entries)!
- I reached 500 blog followers! (YAY - and HI!)
- I said goodbye to my mum and dad who are off traveling around Canada/Alaska until the end of Aug for her birthday (and feel bad for not giving her a card to take with her - so am dedicating this post to her HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!)

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen me tweet about my mum's awe of Mary Katrantzou following an earlier post - the design genius herself retweeted me (amazing) - so as this post is dedicated to my mother bear I thought I would share why Mary Katrantzou is my favourite fashion designer.

Autumn/Winter 2011/12.
With a soft silhouette and luxurious print the AW11 collection was inspired by museums, vases and those funny egg things that Michael Jackson collected (you will know what I mean if you watched that Martin Bashir thing years ago!)

Spring Summer 2011.
Heavily influenced by a family background of interior design, Katrantzou's SS11 collection took skirts in shape of a lampshades and dresses with extravagantly decorated windows and 3D curtains.

Autumn/Winter 2010/11.
This one was inspired by the renaissance period and featured a lot of gold embellishments! I got to see this collection up close at FashionWeek - insanely amazing! (Check out my write up on

Spring/Summer 2010.
This collection was inspired by the art of Glass Blowing! Which seems like a completely natural thing to inspire a collection come to think of it - I wish I had thought of this.

Autumn/Winter 2009/10.
Her debut collection as a New Gen designer - inspired by perfume bottles. Are you seeing why I love her so much?

Does anyone else share my love for Mary Katrantzou? Or are you still angry with me for not blogging in 2 weeks? Lots of love to all of you (esp you mum) Xxx

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My Blogger Feature in Look Magazine...

Hi fellow bloggers! What a surreal week! If you've followed me recently you probably know that I won a blogging competition with LOOK Magazine in February - and this week they did a feature on some of the bloggers who took part! I was one of them, and my feature is below! It's amazing! Although, just to clear up i'm not 'creating' anyones blogs - i'm merely enhancing from behind the scenes! But that's for another day :)

Oh and also, I technically didn't meet Olivia, but she did smile at us and say hi and thank you - weird, err... you're welcome Ol! And the 'package' was a t-shirt, a couple of days later hehe. But other than that - HOW COOL! It sunk in today that i'm actually in a magazine - pretty bloody surreal hey!

There was lots that I said in the interview that didn't make it in. One of the points was how grateful I am to everyone who reads my blog and comments on it! When I won I think I was a major underdog in the competition, in that I had nowhere near as many followers as the others - and it wasn't long before that, that it was kept as my blog for uni!

That's why I feel the pressure to maintain it for you guys!!! BUT i bloody love doing it. So I would like to say a big fat thank you to everyone of you reading! And I would recommend ALL of you going in for the new round of the competition - because it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!!!

Amelia xo

PS Big thank you to Miss Lara Lain, Look's Marketing exec and my lovely blogging pal! We went for drinks on those balcony bits in Covent Garden this week (I thought they were strictly for posh people only - but I guess they weren't going to say no to a Marketing Exec and a blogger featured in LOOK were they...ha)

PPS Did you notice the lovely pink button top left? I'm going to try my luck at getting nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award (i'm sure you're all sick of hearing that!) But if you do enjoy my blog - I would love a nomination from you! X