Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Amelia's Fashion Land....Over and Out.

So the deadline for the PPRD blog is tomorrow, and I have loved doing it, Its been a great way for me to express myself and I've even found a new love for Photoshop and catwalk reports! Its been a great opportunity and has opened new doors for me and I am definitely going to continue with it whether it is being marked or not!

A few of us have wondered whether the point of the blog is for a uni work diary, or whether just a blog to let your feelings out. I probably haven't blogged as much about Uni work as I should have done, but I find it easier to write about stuff that inspires me because I see so much of it every day. I've been told I have a good eye for fashion. I've even looked into Freelance blogging jobs and Fashion graphics work experience and fashion forecasting placements! You never know I could be the next Satorialist.....

So for those of you who read my blog, Never fear, I shall be back. Just like arnie.

But i'll leave you with the making of Longchamp's new SS09 ad campaign, featuring Kate Moss...


I've been reading Fashion Brands by Mark Tungate and its helping me on my way to chose my sportswear brand! I've been on a bit of a journey with this branding situation as i want to find the perfect one for my outfit, without it being to obvious or totally insane. The book is about brands from Armani to Zara and i find the sportswear section particularly interesting. It raises questions such as "when did sportswear become streetwear? and "Did Nike and its competitors encourage this, or was it a creation of the street itself?" and it just made me think that the majority of people buying sports/athletic shoes will not use them for any kind of sporting activity! Yet high flying companies like adidas and nike have top athletes to set the standards as the shoe wearers!!! ...Which is another blog for another time....My point is, i've veered away from the big ones like fred perry and lacoste whose design philosophy is to keep it all quite simple and crisp, clear cut with the bright colours etc etc, I briefly looked at Sergio Tacchini (As seen on danny dyer) he started off with tennis wear moved onto nautical and I'm thinking....why couldnt he do a lifestyle range for women in a particularly dance inspired collection.....

I've also looked into sports/streetwear and hip-hop/dance labels, bringing up a few such as ECKO, phat farm, Rocawear, Zoo york...I'm not a hundred percent yet but i'm getting there. Just had to jot a few ideas down!

Alexa Chung for New Look...

It was reported last year that Alexa Chung was set to collaborate with Giles Deacon for a range with New Look. So i'm offering you some sneak peak pictures of the former model modelling (oxymoron?)

These are key pieces for the high streets summer collection. Quite nice if I do say so myself!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Temperley London...

Alice Temperley has revealed the Autumn/Winter 09/10 collection via video installation for Temperley London's "Empress of the Orient" which I previously blogged. The virtual catwalk presentation is shown in a short film for the first time in New York.

Temperley London's "Empress of the Orient" from Starworks Digital on Vimeo.

Friday, 13 March 2009


So I've been browsing style.com this week and came across a designer named TAO (Tao Kurihara) Who would have been perfect for last years Folk Project. These are some images from
her Autumn/Winter 09/10 collection which are particularly folkloric! Her influence has clearly been eastern European and I've made a collage of some designs which are my favourites! I especially like the rik rak embroidery the patterns and her colour pallete of black red and white.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Paris Fashion Week...

Alexander McQueen 10/03/09

Alexander McQueen put the meaning to fashion SHOW with his AW09/10 collection for Paris Fashion Week. This collection definitely stands out to others which have been playing it safe this season. Entitled "Horn of Plenty" it had a massive pile of old tyres, sinks and televisions center stage. With also old props from past shows.

Models resembling Marilyn Manson with pale white faces and big red/black lips. Towering on platform heels and each with a creatively recycled hat...inspiration from umbrellas, pillow cases, tyres, and large knitted structures!

Almost Geisha Like the models wore a lot of houndstooth black and white dresses, some with structures nearly 5,6 or 7 dimensional! Large geometric structures with a lot of coats and a lot of large collars. Red was a popular shade throughout the collection, with a few stripes as seen before. One dress made entirely of feathers is quite outstanding!A lot of cocoon shapes and pleats and folds make for a wardrobe to rival Cruella De Vil. Also a mermaid tail effect on the few final dresses made for quite a spectacle!All in all a vibrant collection with sophistication and elegance and a bit of craziness!

Toile Review...

I am so pleased with the comments I received in my Toile Review! I was so nervous before I went in but found the whole process really helpful and not stressful at all! Az, Pat and Jodie were generally pleased with my jumpsuit! No changes to be made there. The jacket they want to see a bit shorter and in a Woven Fabric as opposed to another jersey, So it doesnt look like a casual outfit and can be mixed up a bit! I'm happy with that and completely agree!! I had not purchased any fabric before the review anyway so now i can concentrate on fabric sourcing, making a few adjustments to my toiles and then crack on with making the final piece!!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Hello Kitty Hospital...

So we’ve all seen the video of hello kitty teaming up with Mac cosmetics but have we all seen the Hello Kitty hospital in Taiwan?? The hospital has branded its maternity ward in head to toe pink, from uniform to incubators, in hope that patients will recover sooner. It’s officially licensed by Hello Kitty’s owners.

The hospital Director Tsai Tsung-chi said he hopes the cutesy kitty that is one of the world’s most recognisable characters will ease the pain and fear associated with childbirth and being admitted into hospital.

As Seen on Cyana...

My latest posts for CyanaTrendLand are on some fashion photographers that I came accross recently browsing inspiration sites. The first is Solve Sundsbo who uses light manipulation to make the skin look polka dot print or striped like a sailor! The Second is a swedish photographer called Carl Kleiner, who is very abstract yet glamourous at the same time.

Work of Solve Sundsbo

Carl Kleiner, from his collection "Imaginary Drizzle"

Carl Kleiner photography from his collection "6:1" A take on Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Paris Fashion Week...

Christian Dior 06/03/09

When reading up about John Galliano's influences for the Dior AW09 collection I was interested to hear it was loosely based upon the orientalism of Paul Poiret (who I looked at last term during the Shaker project) who is basically the pioneer of trousers on women - in the hareem pant style.

Obviously Galliano is designing for profit and this area gave him access to a lot of styles, hareem pants, asian influences, including fastenings, brocades and paisley prints. There is an adaption of poiret's hobble skirt and a lot of drapery in chiffon - creating pretty cocktail and evening dresses. This collection overall is very appealing for "grown-up" regular women. Beautiful dresses and fabrics in an array of indian/asian colours and embroideries.

Paris Fashion Week...

Isabel Marant 06/03/09

Famous for making "clothes that girls want to wear" Isabel Marant's Left boutique was a hit on the paris shopping scene. Now she has found the perfect balance between elegant and casual, a perfect combination to create a streetwise looking Autumn/Winter collection - which included a fur coat with cool three-quarter-length sleeves, slouchy T-shirts, baggy silk python-print pants, and over-the-knee suede boots.

Marant describes her collection as "glam rock meets London bad boys, circa late fifties and eatly sixties". Which was depicted with oversized jackets in tweed and herring bone with oversized shoulders and arms rolled to the elbows, leopard print dresses, slouchy jumpsuits, little black dress with the white bandage look and studded ankle boots. She used a lot of layering with sweatshirts, jackets, denim and mini skirts. Creating a rock chick/hippy look.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Paris Fashion Week...

Balenciaga 05/03/09

Balenciaga tuned down his usual sci-fi tendencies in favour of a more "Parisean Chic" collection for AW09. A lot of drapery in soft silks, satins and velvets graced the runway in feminine colours of pinks and pastel shades.

The shapes and silouhettes show the female form in all its glory, with hip hugging dresses and draping from the waist. The streaked and spotted print dresses and shirts with puffed shoulders suggested an 80s influence whereas overall the collection has an air of structure and sophistication. With critics labelling it "Wearable" and "Money in the bank" - a rare comment in this credit crunch!

Thursday, 5 March 2009


New boots. 60%off. Fringe. Studs. What more can I say.

Paris Fashion Week...

Gareth Pugh 04/03/09

Gareth Pugh's dark and sinister mood has braced yet another of his collections. AW09 at Paris, the colour is black and the clothes are sharp. Although a more flowing silhouette this season which came via the trapeze/A-line shapes, high waisted trousers, trumpet shaped sleeves, hooded robes and floor-sweeping dresses.

In my opinion, Pugh's latest collection is a lot more wearable than previous designs. Although I probably won't be dressing in any space-suit themed clothing any time soon, the shapes and colours of the clothes are something we could all get on board with. Maybe even a geometric shaped hat? No? OK didn't think so.

Sinister yet sophiscticated, Gareth Pugh's chic high waisted and cloak ensembles could predict big things for AW09. All in all a beautiful collection by Pugh.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mary-Kate Olsen for Interview magazine...

Mary-Kate Olsen Appearing on the cover of Interview magazine's March issue...They discuss all things from Barrack Obama's Inauguration to her New York home. She comes across thoughtful and intelligent, with a delightful sense of humour.

Lately, she's been focusing on acting, and won kudos for her delightful performance as a weed-smoking Phish fan in last year's love letter to New York in the '90s, The Wackness. She and her sister are also hard at work on their two clothing lines, the higher end The Row and the more contemporary Elizabeth & James (the latter named after their other two siblings), and they are launching both shoe and men's collections later this year. The two even teamed up to publish a book of interviews last fall called Influence, in which they interviewed other artists and designers who have inspired them.

I do believe that is Balenciagga she is wearing.

Toilage continued...

Updated images of my completed Toile, i'm already for the review on friday. I'm feeling quite confident about making the real thing now!

Convertible colour and front pannels sewn in

Toile with convertible colour and back panels sewn together.

The finished blazer with-out button

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Chanel goes silent...

Karl Lagerfeld is the director of this silent movie based on Coco Chanel. Model Edita Vilkeviciute plays Chanel in this stylized 10 minute film. The movie coincides with a recent collection "paris to moscow" which was shown in Paris in 2008.

Some beautiful costumes on both men and woman throughout the era's of Chanel.

Visual Merchandising...

I've always always always wanted to be a visual merchandiser. It came up in today's buying and merchandising seminar and I just want to be one even more. I'd like to be the one who puts together the plan-o-gram, who decides what goes on the mannequins and how the windows look!! Its a shame that we don't really have lessons on VM but it is all about creativity. Talking about it has made me miss my old jobs (never thought I would say that)I miss VM-ing at topshop. I've been keeping my eye out for any part time jobs so I can jump back in! VM is definitely one of the paths I will be looking to take when I finish university!

In other news, I'm one step away from completing my toile! Just got to sew together my blazer and also the small task of choosing fabrics and trims...joy!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Hello Kitty goes dark...

New advert bought to you by Mac Cosmetics - Have a look see - Think Dave Lachapelle and Alice in Wonderland - Colours and Music are amazing. Not to mention out of this world scaled flowers, hair and make up and costume is fantastic! Especially the black hello kitty heads on the male dancers - love it!

Guest Blogger...

I was invited to be a guest blogger at www.cyanatrendland.com by the founder after he had seen my blog - I've been a fan of the site for a while now and now i've got my own section on the blogger page!!! I've really enjoyed Blogging and I am definitely going to keep it going on both sites! It has made me consider jobs in freelance writing or something creative using photoshop/illustrator and html.


These are some snippets from cyana trendland that I have blogged


Toiles are well and truly under way now! Jumpsuit is done and just the blazer to make now. I found a massive load of ribbed pink jersey in the fabric bin so I've made my jumpsuit out of it - pyjama-esque to say the least but it got a bit of attention (the good kind)

Modelled by the lovely Amy - Probably not coming to any shops near you soon...