Tuesday, 31 January 2012

We are Titanium...

I've got this friend called Lara Lain. She's kind of a big deal. I'm sure you know her already. If not imma divulge a little bit o' info...

I don't usually do the 'personal blog' thing, but I thought this would be a nice going away present for Lainy. She leaves for Thailand tomorrow and i'm going to miss her. Everyone always asks how we know each other - well, she organised that kinda massive LOOK MAGAZINE competition I won ohhhh about a year ago! Since then we've kept in touch. When I moved to London we met up a couple of times and then lightning struck. My world turned upside down and whilst struggling to find somewhere to live I confided in Lar. She was going through something similar and ever since we have been like THAT (imagine i'm crossing my fingers ok?)

It's said that once you find a good friend, you hold on to them. And we literally don't stop laughing, infact I don't think i've ever had this much fun (Giggsy, Shuggs and Mr Bean too)! We've done michelin star lunches, been backstage at the o2 arena, 5star hotel parties and SWANSEA (where she introduced me to NIK! Funniest welshy ever. Add ALYSHA to that list too) we've also been to some pretty rough places too... cough newham cough.

We've got some exciting things coming up for 2012 so hurry back LAIN! Keep an eye on Lara's blog I Feel Like I Dreamt It because she's doing an awesome feature whilst she's away :)

Amelia xo

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What's heavier the dress or the model...

Oh. Wow. Paris Couture Week 2012 will always provide an oooh / aaahh moment or 4 but boy does this take the biscuit!

Stephane Rolland created a 110lb dress (50 kilos) which was walked/dragged down the catwalk by 47 year old Yasmin Le Bon. The train is 45 metres and she had to have 2 rather dapper male assistants...meh, better than a poke in the eye!

Do we love or do we love? I tell you what i'm not loving. That weirdo pointless pony tale at the back of her head..............No love.

I've got some good posts lined up for the ol' Fashion Land blog. Admit it, you missed me didn't you.

That's what they all say...
Amelia xo

Images from the Holy Grail. Uh...I mean the Daily Mail.

Monday, 16 January 2012

He's Not That Hot Anyway...

...ahhhhh no boy rant here i'm afraid. Just quoting the absolute GENIUS that is Moi Self Helpful Hankys. Now i don't use a hanky, I'm pretty sure no one I know uses a hanky. But i found myself wanting each and every one of these bad boys and can think of several people who would enjoy them too! They're too pretty to wipe your nose on... but i'll be getting atleast 3 for motivational purposes...plus they're only £10. Barg.

Available on My-Wardrobe on the 26th Jan.

Which one is your favourite? Fix your mascara (you're amazing) is mine :)

Amelia xo

Monday, 9 January 2012

Steal their Style, Sweetie...

Well well well...me again! Major boo hiss to me for being so absent recently. Living in London, working hard and maintaining my social life (which deserves it's own blog truth be told) has been hogging my time! I promise to blog at least once a week from now on. This post is dedicated to my latest obsession - Absolutely Fabulous. It wasn't something I was ever that into growing up, but Lara has changed that!

In fact we are morphing into Pats and Ed the more time we spend together. We haven't figured out which one is which yet...so I thought I'd do this post as a 'What Would They Wear' type thang. So......which one are you???


Smoking, drinking, sexaholic Patsy. Fashion Director who hasn't eaten since the 1970's. Fan of a two piece and always flashing a bit of leg, sweetie.

Marios Schwab - Christopher Kane - Chanel


Eddie's style is a wondrous thing. Borderline garish with a slight hint of 90's ghetto. Not afraid to take risks (head to toe denim on the Christmas special??)

Stella McCartney - Acne - D&G


I loveeee bubble. She is CLEARLY a Meadham Kirchhoff kinda gal...anyone who wears a dress covered in telly tubbies would be!

Meadham Kirchhoff - Preen - House of Holland

Do you all watch Ab Fab? I loved the Christmas special. Especially Bubble's impression of P-middy!!!

Amelia xo