Friday, 7 November 2008


Theme Board

Sketch Book

Draping on the stand
My final idea came from a concept that came to me after looking into japanese gardens/structures/architecture. I tried to portray a rigid structure with the peaks at the side of the skirt, and i used a hard hessian material to show the corrugated texture of roofs of buildings.
I was also inspired a lot by plants and so i used very organic colours i.e browns and greens to really show this. My other main idea was to create something that looked like a seed. so i used a brown "shell" and the green ruffles are to show the seed coming to life. I wanted to use some large circles in the design but i couldn't find a place for them. I particularly wanted to use them because I had looked alot into christopher kane's AW09 collection.


I'm really pleased with my theme board and my sketch book of designs. I spent a lot of time on it. If i were to do this project again i'd definitely concentrate more on the draping and actual making of the garment. Although i do like the design and the concept i would like to make it a bit more exciting, a few more ruffles encorporated and maybe into a dress.

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