Friday, 24 April 2009

Barbara Hulanicki...

Barbara Hulanicki began her career as a freelance fashion illustrator. She submitted work to the BIG publications of her time including Women's Wear Daily and British Vogue.

In 1964 with the help from her husband she opened the kensington store BIBA. For those of you who don't know BIBA was an emporium of clothing and the coolest hang out for the rock and roll generation! Biba's popularity throughout the 60's and 70's changed the face of british fashion!

Biba shut down in 1976, but barbara continued to work in design and illustration before she moved on to interior design.

Now Hulanicki has been asked to bring back the biba heyday by designing a range for Topshop. Although Barbara was asked to make it not look like Biba, she admitted she 'picked quite Biba-looking things in the end'

The collection includes puff-shouldered dresses, wide trousers and grey suede jacket and short shorts and body-con off-shoulder dresses.

Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop on sale in stores nationwide and online on Tuesday 28th April.

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