Sunday, 15 November 2009

Vogue does Hansel and Gretel...

For the December issue of Vogue USA Grace Coddington has styled up a fairy tale treat for us, combining her creativity with photography legend Annie Leibovitz.

This 'performing arts' issue of vogue features in pictures the journey of hansel (Andrew Garfield) and Gretel(Lily Cole) and their battle to beat the baddest Witch around (in the form of Lady Gaga)

Lily Cole Wears Dolce & Gabanna whist Garfield is in Maison Martin Margiela shirt and Ann Demeulemeester trousers.

The sandman and his sleep dust

Lily Cole running in her platform fendi mary janes!!

Fatten them up: Hansel and Gretel find the old witch's cottage.
Just in time, hansel and gretel push gaga to the flames before she eats them up

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Anonymous said...

So whimsical!