Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A few things about BNTM cycle 6...

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I love love love America's Next Top Model. I would even go as far to say i have a mini-obsession with it. So to hear Britain's Next Top Model was back I was quietly uncontainable! I also found out to of the models from my Fashion show make the final 14, and one (Amba) walked in my collection! So obviously I am routing for them.

The other from the show is Rachelle, who is GORGEOUS, inside and out! So i was really dissapointed this week when they picked this as her best shot? Because having watched the footage of the shoot they seemed to be the pair with the most chemistry!

Tiffany - i don't see it? Not a huge fan. Also where did that nicola girl come from - i swear she wasn't there last week.

This is Hannah, the first model to get the boot, I can't believe some of the pannel branded her as a 'bigger girl' - I wonder what Tyra would have to say!!

Can't say i have a clear cut favourite at the moment. Half of the girls are making me cringe with their 'this one can go on facebook' approach to posing.

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Winnie said...

Totally agree. It was a shame that Hannah decided to leave, never good to be a quitter but nevermind!