Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Big Fat Mary Love (and a big fat catch up)...

Hello! Only me! I hope you remember who 'me' is. Sorry for the lack of blog posts - it's been a busy few weeks! The low down of my past 2 weeks:

- I went from Intern to Online Content Editor in the space of a day for Donna Ida! ( Follow the FB and Twitter to keep up with me during the day!)
- My evenings are consumed with London house hunting - not fun.
- I spent 3nights watching the news from 7pm until 3am during the riots.
- I went on slim fast for a week (don't bother - it's pointless)
- I've been reading a lot of the LOOK show entries (comment or tweet me your entries)!
- I reached 500 blog followers! (YAY - and HI!)
- I said goodbye to my mum and dad who are off traveling around Canada/Alaska until the end of Aug for her birthday (and feel bad for not giving her a card to take with her - so am dedicating this post to her HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!)

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen me tweet about my mum's awe of Mary Katrantzou following an earlier post - the design genius herself retweeted me (amazing) - so as this post is dedicated to my mother bear I thought I would share why Mary Katrantzou is my favourite fashion designer.

Autumn/Winter 2011/12.
With a soft silhouette and luxurious print the AW11 collection was inspired by museums, vases and those funny egg things that Michael Jackson collected (you will know what I mean if you watched that Martin Bashir thing years ago!)

Spring Summer 2011.
Heavily influenced by a family background of interior design, Katrantzou's SS11 collection took skirts in shape of a lampshades and dresses with extravagantly decorated windows and 3D curtains.

Autumn/Winter 2010/11.
This one was inspired by the renaissance period and featured a lot of gold embellishments! I got to see this collection up close at FashionWeek - insanely amazing! (Check out my write up on

Spring/Summer 2010.
This collection was inspired by the art of Glass Blowing! Which seems like a completely natural thing to inspire a collection come to think of it - I wish I had thought of this.

Autumn/Winter 2009/10.
Her debut collection as a New Gen designer - inspired by perfume bottles. Are you seeing why I love her so much?

Does anyone else share my love for Mary Katrantzou? Or are you still angry with me for not blogging in 2 weeks? Lots of love to all of you (esp you mum) Xxx


Charlene said...

Its really nice to see you doing so well Amelia (& slightly jel haha I need a good job!) But you deserve it though can see how much efferot you put into your blog and everything you do xx

Sarah said...

Adore Mary! And go you! Amazing news! :)

Angel In This Dress said...

Oh wow, those prints are all so gorgeous! I love things that are quirky and unique and those collections are certainly that :)

After much deliberating, I decided to enter the Look competition in the end. There were so many amazing entries but I think I would've kicked myself if I hadn't at least tried lol. Congrats on your promotion by the way - amazing news x x

Housestyle dolly said...

always love your inspiration its similar to what I look at and for in a garment:)

famous fashion designers in chennai said...

this collection of design are super and very nice post. new design are very good. all collections are pretty good..and all the best for your future designs..

hannah said...

congratulations! I love her designs, always so feminine without being over the top x

sarahbetty said...

Such good news about your job. Well done :)

I did not know I loved this designer until I saw this. The designers are pretty amazing!

LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Ohhhhhh Amelia…you don't post often but when you do it's worth the wait! Every post you do makes me proud that you were the last #LookShowWSC blog comp winner, it's so lovely to have you as ~one of our girls~ .. Such a pretty post! x

Filipa said...

Mary is absolutely fantastic. I recently read an interview with her somewhere and I was so nicely surprised by what a good head she's got on her :) Plus, she's got some designing skills!

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog, love the pics and commentary, many congrats on your win, Jen xoxo

Celia Aranda said...

Those prints are all amazing!
Thanks for your comment!
Following you :D

Clara Turbay said...

I like them all.

smoke and mirrors said...

hey i saw your blog featured in look magazine a while back. love it already!

Anonymous said...

Amazing blog. Love the pictures! xx


great inspiration! fantastic pics!

Cheers from London.

Anonymous said...

EHHHH! Well done on the job (I remember you saying in your email that there had been talks about a perm role but nothing had been decided).

I do love a bit of Mary too - those prints are bloody amazing!

Emily @fashion_bratt x

Lara said...

One of the most original and unique designers - i love her! Great post xxxx