Thursday, 31 October 2013

Who's the tallest of them all?

My biggest celebrity spot in life has to be a rare sighting of the one and only Kate Moss. But you know when you see a celebrity in real life and you think "wow, kind of lacking several inches in the height department..." compared to pictures? 

Well since seeing a picture of L'Wren Scott, AKA Mick Jagger's bit of stuff, it got me thinking how tall are some of these fashion designers? And the way my brain works this equals major exciting blog post material - similarly to when I pondered over the stylishness of said designers.

Bonus points for Price is Right HIGHER/LOWER chanting.

Kicking off with Marc Jacobs who enters the height chart at a respectable 5ft 8"...

No that's not an infant...It's SJP with 6 foot 4” L'wren Scott towering over her.

Stella McCartney stands at a slightly average 5 foot 4” with RiRi.

I have to say I was surprised by this one, it's the ever controversial Karl Lagerfeld at 5 foot 10”.

We always knew they were pint-sized it's The Row's Ashley Olsen 5.2" & Mary Kate Olsen at 5.1”

And taking it back to the old school it's Coco Chanel who stood ever so elegantly at 5 foot 5".

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