Thursday, 14 November 2013

Do the Tuck In Trend...

The latest trend to try this winter is the hair tucked in trend. Have you tried it yet? Tuck those ends away under a jacket, turtleneck or statement necklace and you're good to go. Pretty easy really. Obviously a trend derived by the accidentally stylish or people who are constantly in a rush...what's next? Chipped nails? An odd socks revival? Well if the likes of Mulberry, Chanel, Hermes and Belstaff are doing it you know it makes sense (and as long as you've got at least shoulder-length it's completely cost effective too).

See below for how to wear tips.

Mulberry - Chanel - Hemes - Belstaff

This trend screams effortless and works well with relaxed polo neck jumpers teamed with a tailored coat draped over the shoulders. Or try something a little more jazzy with a statement fur coat. But the general rules are...basically anything with a neckline will do. Oh and hair, you have to have hair.

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2012
Donna Ida Hockley Fur

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Purple Ivy said...

That purple fur jacket is insane. I wouldn't mind one.