Saturday, 4 October 2008


For Fashion Design Principles we are going to make a theme board which relates to one of the following Classical - Spice- Rococco - Surreal.

I've decided to do Rococco as i previously knew absolutely nothing about it....this is what i have learned ....

The Rococco period was during the reign of Louis XIV following his death in 1715. It was a period when aristocrats valued good taste over morality. Poor taste was treated as an intolerable social offence.

The word Rococco is derived from "rocaille" meaning "rock work" or "shell work" and a favourite motif of the time.

The objective of Rococco was to please the senses.
The essence of Rococo is light overall. Work is light in colour, effect and emotion.

Antoine Watteau - A typical Rococco Painting

Characterised by pastel colours, gracefully delicate curving forms, fanciful figures and a light hearted mood (visually and physically)

It was the climax/fall of Baroque art.

It emphasised the unreflective and indulgent lifestyles rather than piety, morality, self discipline, reason and heroism (as Baroque did)

Rococco is the visual representation of the optimism people felt. as well as Youthful, enjoyment, fantasy, playfulness and a high spirit of romance.

Critics label rococco as "tasteless, frivolous and symbolic of a corrupt society"

Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun - Marie Antoinette

A modern representation of Rococco costume is the recent music video from Girls Aloud.

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