Sunday, 8 March 2009

Paris Fashion Week...

Christian Dior 06/03/09

When reading up about John Galliano's influences for the Dior AW09 collection I was interested to hear it was loosely based upon the orientalism of Paul Poiret (who I looked at last term during the Shaker project) who is basically the pioneer of trousers on women - in the hareem pant style.

Obviously Galliano is designing for profit and this area gave him access to a lot of styles, hareem pants, asian influences, including fastenings, brocades and paisley prints. There is an adaption of poiret's hobble skirt and a lot of drapery in chiffon - creating pretty cocktail and evening dresses. This collection overall is very appealing for "grown-up" regular women. Beautiful dresses and fabrics in an array of indian/asian colours and embroideries.

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