Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Visual Merchandising...

I've always always always wanted to be a visual merchandiser. It came up in today's buying and merchandising seminar and I just want to be one even more. I'd like to be the one who puts together the plan-o-gram, who decides what goes on the mannequins and how the windows look!! Its a shame that we don't really have lessons on VM but it is all about creativity. Talking about it has made me miss my old jobs (never thought I would say that)I miss VM-ing at topshop. I've been keeping my eye out for any part time jobs so I can jump back in! VM is definitely one of the paths I will be looking to take when I finish university!

In other news, I'm one step away from completing my toile! Just got to sew together my blazer and also the small task of choosing fabrics and trims...joy!

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