Saturday, 30 January 2010

5 minute presentation.

Where Are You?
Currently studying Fashion Design at AUCB. Getting into the swing of the Second year.

How did you get There?
I had enough of working full time in retail. It was depressing!! So i applied to uni, this course was the most vocational which is why it appealed to me. Throughout the first year I had a taste of many different aspects of fashion. I'd always been set on being a Visual Merchandiser because of my time in retail but having enjoyed the design side i was swaying more towards that pathway because it seemed more of a challenge. After toying with the idea all summer i came to a decision that even tho i loved blogging, and promotional aspects the design pathway would give me the opportunity to make a collection. whilst I can continue with my blog and other projects on the side giving me a more prospective future and portfolio. In the summer I completed placements styling at Asos, and Design at Mudpie trend forecasting! Which were both amazing experiences.

Where do you want to go next? How might you package yourself?
Next I want to complete a collection. Successfully. And move onto the top up year for FdA Fashion. From here I will continue to make a brand for myself by blogging up a storm, hopefully gaining popularity. I think this will be a good way to package myself.

Where it might take you?
It will hopefully take me towards a career I will enjoy. I'm looking to get into Fashion forecasting or Fashion womenswear Ready-To-Wear design.

Who might influence your decisions now and in the future?
Tutors will obviously influence my decisions. Criticism and Feedback will help me grow and improve. Friends from the course will obviously influence me. I believe the more ambition you are surrounded with the more it will spur you on, and obviously healthy competition will to. Inspirations and aspirations, my favourite designers, bloggers and also family will all influence me also.

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