Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ugly Betty Bye Bye...

I'm completely gutted Ugly Betty is being axed. Its being discontinued - because of poor ratings in America - once they have found a satisfying ending to the programme.

I am hooked on the series. I know its fictional but it was healthy to see someone not stick thin, and not perfect taking on the likes of the big cut-throat Fashion bosses! It brings to light some issues with the Fashion industry - ie self esteem and body image. There are a lot of problems with Anorexia especially in young girls who watch programme's like 'The Hills' it portrays a perfect image of the industry. It was a refreshing image to promote of an average, hard working girl who has been given a chance - albeit I wouldn't condone wearing her wardrobe if i worked for 'Mode' (which is essentially Vogue) and she wasn't that interested in fashion to begin with either...but STILL, what I mean to say is Hard work, confidence and determination will get you where you want to be. Starving yourself, not so much.

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