Thursday, 4 February 2010

Colour Forecast Spring/Summer 2011

The New York offices of Lectra held a 'Webinar' which I attended yesterday afternoon. It was on the pantone colour forecast for spring/summer 11. So i'll outline the basics.

Blazing Yellows. Jasmine Greens. Curacao. Carmine Rose. Carrot. Think Flowers and think bright. The colours are mostly found blocked in outfits. There is a lot of floral influences within these colours, however, silhouettes are kept simple with use of texture and colour to brighten it up. Orange is particularly one to watch.Turtle Dove. White. Mist. Cosmic Sky. Strawberry Cream. Colours are washed out pastels, light, with highlights of lavender and pink. Clothing in these shades are kept minimilistic. With zero decoration or fuss. Focusing on the beautiful shapes.

Hunter Green. Forest Green. Green. Amber Yellow. Italian Straw. These colours are all earthy neutrals. Influenced by wood chips, soil and bark from the trees. Designs are structural, and wooden, focusing on skeletal accessories and shapes.

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Anonymous said...

Can work all but the last set. I am a cool color person. I am pale and have white hair so I cant wear the earth tones.