Friday, 12 February 2010

Successful People.

Luella Bartley.
Basically my idol. She dropped out of a Fashion Journalism course 2 years in and still managed to become Fashion Editor of Vogue. Starting 'Luella' in 1999, the year after she won 'Young British Designer of the Year' Award. She debuted at LFW in 2000 with 'Daddy, Who were the Clash?' and then showed at NY for 6 and a half years before returning in 2007. Since then she took over the scene with her quirky British design style. Winning Designer of the year in 08, and international designer in 09! Her designs are extremely popular within the 'Brit Pack' often seen on red carpets on Alexa Chung, the Geldof sisters, Daisy Lowe, Lily Allen, Sienna Miller and Kiera Knightley.

The label Ceased trading in November 09. Leaving a luella shaped hole in my Fashion weeks.

Henry Holland.
Did a Fashion Journalism Degree. First Job, Fashion Editor for Bliss and Smash Hits magazine. He found a niche, printed some t-shirts that became a complete whirlwind of success!! With slogans such as 'Do me daily Christopher Bailey' and 'Get yer freak on Giles Deacon' this lead to his label 'House of Holland' which in 3 years has gone from printing T-shirts in his front room to selling clothes to Browns, Harrods and Dover Street Market. He has recently done collaborations with Levis and Debenhams!

I take a lot of inspiration from these two. They are probably my favourite designers because the designs are fun, fresh and quirky! They both started out in journalism and ventured to the design side. It just goes to show how complex a career path can be! Which is inspiring to me because I love writing and I love designing. It encourages me to carry on blogging, i've noticed a lot more views since i've changed my layout. With the use of Google analytics i can see how many views my blog gets a day, and where from! It makes me feel like a detective. Kinda! Anyways, i'm going to keep on doing what im doing, hopefully i'll be a big blogger like Disney Roller Girl, Oh Elle or Susie Bubble. It is already giving me opportunities/contacts. I'm trying to find a way i can brand myself, this could be it! Its definitely the thing i've become good at.

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