Sunday, 28 March 2010

5 Year Plan

So this is my 5 year plan.

Amelia Kanaris.
March 2010.

3-6 months:
  • Continue working really hard to finish toiling my collection and tweaking to perfection, taking styling into consideration.
  • Make 4 outfits to a high standard for Crit deadline 17/05/10.
  • Complete Photoshoot of collection for a look book.
  • After the Crit make a further 2 outfits to go with the collection (Gala-worthy, Fingers crossed...)
  • Do work placement at Peclers for 2 weeks + in the summer.
6-12 months:
  • Secure a 3 month placement in a trend forecasting/design environment.
  • Dissertation and Placement Reports will be written.
  • Either make a professional trend book based on several trends which I can design collections for. Or design a larger collection i.e 12-24 outfits.
Beyond 12 months:
  • Graduate from university with BA degree.
  • From here I want to go straight into the industry. I am full to the brim with ambition and determination when it comes to this I can't wait to get out there!!!!!! I will most likely be living and working in London. This is where I see myself.
  • Hopefully with the combination of fashion futures work experience and fashion writing/blogging practice I will be able to start in a job as a trend researcher either for a forecasting agency such as Peclers or Trendstop. From here I would aim to work my way up to designer for the trend books.
  • As design is my favourite aspect of fashion, another option for me would be to look into womenswear design for high street companies. On the top of my list to work for would be; Asos, Urban Outfitters, Topshop or such like. These are brands where I would shop, and as my design philosophy is to create clothing I would want to wear this would make my aesthetic the perfect design combination!
  • The ULTIMATE dream pathway would be to finish university, gain interest off of the back of my designs from the likes of Topshop, NEWGEN, vauxhall fashion scout to invest in moi :) Paving the way for me to become a ready-to-wear womenswear design, showing at London Fashion Week every season... ahhhh. Although i'd settle for creating my own brand and with lookbooks etc approach e-retailers and retailers who sell multiple brands. Starting with smaller boutiques/markets and working up in popularity.
There is also the way into it that Henry Holland and Luella did it. Fashion Journalism. Holland started out at the Teen Mags, and Luella at the Evening Standard and then Vogue. These are my favourite two designers. Its in interesting approach. Gain all the contacts, find a niche, and make it popular enough for a successful design career.

3-5 years:

Within 5 years of being in the industry I want to be well on my way to having a successful career (and be able to afford a REAL Chanel 2.55 bag, from my own pocket) Having acheived a job as either:
  • Popular Trend forecasting designer/trend forecaster for a magazine/fashion futures agency or design house seeking out current trends.
  • making my way up the designer ladder in a high street chain in a more commercial environment.

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