Wednesday, 31 March 2010

From Berwick Street to Goldhawk Road

What a hectic 2 days in London. The aim was Fabric Shopping. The outcome is must do more Fabric Shopping. Firstly, why are Goldhawk Road and Berwick Street so far away? Green line, Blue line, Pink line, Blue line, Grey Line Redline, Lighter Blue line, Grey line, Green line ARGH! My poor Oyster card, that's supposed to be fabric money you know!

Anyway, having had such a strong idea of fabric choices from looking at the Whaleys and Bradford folders I was hoping to find the exact fabric in my exact colour. Its a wee bit harder than that. No spotty voile, i'll have to dye that. Don't have a heart attack Sarah, no fabric spray involved this year. No red wool, no its either to thick, or its crepe wool (tacky). But I did find some lovely jubbly cotton fabric for my trousers (pale orange, bottom left) and my play suit (Violet, Bottom Centre).

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