Sunday, 12 September 2010

Alexander Wang SS11...

Ditching the dark for a light 'optimistic' and 'pure' colour palette, Alexander Wang is killing it with the ivory lime and terracotta from his Spring/Summer Collection. Wang - who has been massively successful in America and hugely influential by popularizing the plain jersey tee's, skinny jeans, leather biker and fishtail pony tails - hopes that this is the next big thing for Spring and Summer 2011.

Often drawing his inspiration from all things America, Wang has supposedly exited his comfort zone for a constructed/deconstructed philosophy. With layering, Criss crossing straps, loose smock shapes, and industrial materials.

Crisp white's from head to toe. As if living on a cloud,judging by those bronzed faces..
Knitted leggings, sheer blouses and karate-esque tailoring add up to a layered effect with added...err.. industrial duct tape?

A lemony lime infusion. Sporty shapes are toned down with fluid fabrics for a soft subtle summer look. Great match with the tanned lace up boots. Not so much with the white painted hair.

Wang brings the prints in the form of a scribble. Scribble on that silk Wang. You rebel you.

The wang look in mint. I am starting to imagine all these shapes and styles in a different format. In dark purples and blacks, and its SO Wang. This collection is like Alexander Wang shy quiet little sister.

The new Midi length in terracotta. Billowing all over the place! Set to be the popular length after the hit of the maxi. I'm not a fan. I'm all for it on a 6 foot model, but it will be put to shame on my measly 5 foot 2 height.

Will you be adopting the new Wang-ette style? I've always loved him, and i do love this collection, and the colour palette is gorgeous, but was expecting something somewhat quirkier and more iconic.

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Miss Dolly said...

Liked the collection, but can't see it being as big as 2010's s/s. That collection was just so easy to identify with and recreate. I love the straps on the back of the tops in this one though, the colours and the shoes too.