Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Trend: Knuckledusters...

All from River Island.

Knuckle Dusters (The double finger ring) have been back for some time now, but they are set to be a big trend for AW10. So I've rounded up some of the hottest from online stores including Urban Outfitters, Asos, Topshop and River Island. I know you can find some fantastically random and original ones at Camden Market and other market stalls. But these are the most accessible.

Every time I wear a double barreled ring I always get someone saying 'OMG doesn't that hurt?' or 'Isn't that really annoying?' I just take it off and make them try it on! They don't hurt, and they're not annoying I hardly notice the difference! A few cheap gold ones have turned my fingers green though!


All from Asos.

All from Urban Outfitters.


Y said...

Ooh.. great post, love the rings especially the ASOS and UO ones!

Thereza Rebou├žas said...

beautiful blog!! love it!


amelia-k said...

Thank you :) xx

Adele said...

Some amazing rings here! Love the black ring from ASOS!

Adele –

bee. said...

i love these!
im'a have to try them out someday then. lovely post.

Dark Blue Jeans said...

I like them but where is the McQueen, the Dior homme, the westwood, the Lanvin??

lol x

amelia-k said...

Out of my price range unfortunately! Sorry to disappoint x