Saturday, 3 September 2011

Not so magical Emma...

Errrr hello! I'll explain my absence a little bit further on down but I just HAD to share the new Lancome perfume add with you. Now, I like Emma Watson as much as the next Potter obsessive but this advert is totally naff. Let me elaborate:

1. Music sounds like they've bought it from one of those sites where you don't have to credit the artist.
2. She's trying to be Diane Keaton.
3. HOW many times has this story been told before?

How dissappointing! I expect better of you Lancome and some originality at least! It's not that it's a terrible advert (cough cough) It's just...trés cringe.

Anyway, hello. If you follow me on Twitter (and haven't unfollowed from my pretty boring tweetage over the last few weeks) then you will have seen my plans of a blogging bank holiday were ruined by unforseen circumstances! However, my quota of depressed tweets for the year has been well and truly filled and i'm happy to announce i'm back in the game.


Sarah said...

Cringe! How funny would it have been if he handed her a copy of Harry Potter in the bookshop?

Melita Kiely said...

oh this is a disappointment! i love sarah's comment above, ha! x

kia said...

the guy could have been hotter! Not a fan of her boy hair in the video too :L x

Smeeeff said...

Oh my goodness, how disappointing!

It's good to have you back though :)

Amy xx

Eda. said...

It's a long advert too...hmm not what I would expect!

Eda ♥

Anonymous said...

oh, my..first time seeing the advert and i have to agree..they wanna do a younger look and attract younger woman i suppose, but I still adore Kate more..

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thanks sweets! xoxo

kb said...

spectacular fail! this has kind of upset me!

but i did laugh when the hat flies from his head to hers at the end ... wtf?

Anonymous said...

oh god its awful!!! tututut lancome!! glad to hear your back!!

Miss Dolly said...

Wow, that really is awful, and the bit where the hat goes onto her head at the end is the worst! x

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Haha, that was naff! Your comment about the music made me giggle though :D

Filipa said...

I completely agree! As soon as she put it up on her fb page I went to see it all excited and then i was like 'em, is this it?' i feel like the flow is somehow.. really bad. and it's just is like.. no no no.. I really wanted to like i really did, because I love Emma, but the ad is really naff! (though arguably that's not her fault :P- but tbh acting isnt ground breaking either)

sarahbetty said...

Oh see, I quite like it. I realise it is quite cheesy, but I do rather think it's quite cute. :)

I do think sometimes her hair looks a little thin though?

Sarah Betty