Monday, 9 January 2012

Steal their Style, Sweetie...

Well well again! Major boo hiss to me for being so absent recently. Living in London, working hard and maintaining my social life (which deserves it's own blog truth be told) has been hogging my time! I promise to blog at least once a week from now on. This post is dedicated to my latest obsession - Absolutely Fabulous. It wasn't something I was ever that into growing up, but Lara has changed that!

In fact we are morphing into Pats and Ed the more time we spend together. We haven't figured out which one is which I thought I'd do this post as a 'What Would They Wear' type thang. So......which one are you???


Smoking, drinking, sexaholic Patsy. Fashion Director who hasn't eaten since the 1970's. Fan of a two piece and always flashing a bit of leg, sweetie.

Marios Schwab - Christopher Kane - Chanel


Eddie's style is a wondrous thing. Borderline garish with a slight hint of 90's ghetto. Not afraid to take risks (head to toe denim on the Christmas special??)

Stella McCartney - Acne - D&G


I loveeee bubble. She is CLEARLY a Meadham Kirchhoff kinda gal...anyone who wears a dress covered in telly tubbies would be!

Meadham Kirchhoff - Preen - House of Holland

Do you all watch Ab Fab? I loved the Christmas special. Especially Bubble's impression of P-middy!!!

Amelia xo


Anonymous said...

Never heard of it.

Alex said...

Hey dear, great post!

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Lydia said...

I loveee ab fab it's hilarious! x

LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Oh there we areeeeee! I think I'm Ed! Is it Wednesday yet? ;) love this post xx

Sarah said...

Bubble using the i-Pad had me in stitches!

sarahbetty said...

Amazing. I love it too but have only recently started watching it also. People always said I was like Bubble which I still take great offense too?!


Eve Maria said...

Sweetie, darling...! Love ab fab :) you're spot on with bubble.

Anonymous said...

Really good post idea! Ab Fab is brilliant. I'm always fascinated with their outfits.
Laura @ Mother Mannequin

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love a bit of Ab Fab!! So hilarious! I'm probably a mix between Patsy and Bubble but love the stuff that Edna theory most of it is so wrong but she works it :)

Lou Lou said...

I'm not a big fan of Ab Fab but I still think this is a brilliant blog post that might not have even been done before! Good to see you back in the blogosphere! xx