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Behind the Seams with Silken Favours (for Donna Ida)

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In a NYC style studio/apartment in the heart of Hackney (on a swelteringly hot day) we bought our favourite combination of denim and silk to life with a visit to see Vicki Murdoch, the founder and creative brain behind Silken Favours

What’s the background of Silken Favours? 
I started in 2010. It came about for my love of giving gifts. I used to always make people CDs and decided to make a bespoke scarf range. They would all be individually boxed and you would open it up and inside would be all of your favourite things on a silk scarf! Bunnies, kittens…I’ve even made some with shields and fetuses. I wanted to evoke emotion and make people cry when they receive it. That was my dream behind it. 

Once I had the idea I went to the Liberty open day for designers with my bespoke range. They said bespoke wouldn’t work for them but if I went back with an actual range they would be interested. My first collection was a heart collection; inspired by everything you would love and the classic heart shape. My aim was for everybody to find something within the collection that they would adore. I don’t tend to follow trends. My pieces are something you can treasure forever. 

If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing? 
 I used to model from 16-25. That was fun but it had its shelf life. If there was something else I could do…I’d like to be a film director. Or write scores for films. My studio friend Ross is a director and he has a nice life.  

What’s new for Autumn/Winter 2013? 
 I’m working on some exclusive prints but everything is animal and nature based. Anything fun and psychedelic is what I like drawing the most. I hand draw everything, add watercolours and then scan it in to the computer to enhance on Photoshop and Illustrator. Not a slow process! 

Do you ever try and sneak something cheeky into your prints? 
 I have thought about taking that angle for my bespoke range but I’m not sure it’s sellable…for now.

Favourite print you like to draw? 
Cats. I’m obsessed (pulls out cat cushions). 

My new favourite things at the moment are my cowboy shirts. They’re super fun.
Style icon that embodies the character of the brand?
I’m obsessed with Joni Mitchell. I’m not sure she embodies the brand but I used to think we were the same person because both of us had a burst appendix when we were three years old. 

What are your most favourite pair of jeans? Levi’s. My sister used to work in Levi’s in Aberdeen (we’re from Scotland) so I was top to toe Levi’s during my teens. 

Three facts to know about Silken Favours:
 1. Inspired by macaroon colours.
 2. Printed and made in the UK.
 3. Vicki also creates cushions (in the formation of unicorns and flying pigs)

Photos by @KGorbunova.


Reader said...

These Cowboy Shirts are so trendy and stylish, would you please guide me from where I can buy these Cowboy Shirts here from Paris.

amelia-k said...

Hi, you can buy them from they're by a brand called "Silken Favours"