Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Suki Waterwho?

Suki Waterwho? Oh! Suki Waterhouse. Forgive me for thinking she was the love child of a leggy blonde and a rockstar. Apparently she's the child of a brain surgeon, but more importantly she's the girlfriend of super hunk Bradley Cooper (who, by the way, wore horrible sunglasses to Wimbledon on Sunday).

Model, Actress, could be mistaken for a Delevingne. I'm so glad my flatmate asked me who she was (thank Gucci for google) I can report the lover of the man who is in pretty much every girl's top 5 seems very likeable. Hey, with tweets like "Hi from the bog" who wouldn't like her??

Suki Selfie

Typical Tweet (@SukiWaterhouse)

Celeb Mates (and said horrible sunglasses - come on Bradders!)

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