Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Copenhagen Street Style...

Whilst doing my day-to-day twitter stalk I came across an amazing tweet from Sarah Leigh's Style File about Copenhagen Street Style. She posted about this look:

It's an animalistic day time look by a 20 year old blogger called Eveline. I love the style so much, the socks and shoes, the city shorts and the looseness of the top belted at the waist. You'd think the leopard face print and the leopard print would clash, non?

So i had a browse through the back log of the street style site and found so many inspirational styles!

Copenhagen, the new New York?


Amy said...

All of these have the same tonal colours in - brown, black, blue, mustard - Copenhagen's uniform? I love the double leopard!


Thrive on Novelty said...

Love these pics! great post xx

Fiona said...

SO much more stylish than New York... trust me! x

Sarah-Leigh said...

Love the post ;-)

Saw so many more coolies this weekend - post coming soon!!