Wednesday, 11 August 2010

"Style Push" Review.

Right. Reasons why 'Style Push' on Fiver was so painful to watch...
  1. She arrives at London and gets whisked away to a rooftop party within the first hour of her being there. Whilst at the party her ex of four years just strolls in by himself (bearing in mind the pair are from Glasgow?!)
  2. The acting is ridiculous. (The main girl isn't as bad as the others)
  3. Her 'cousin' is a Ballet dancer who is told "YOU CAN NEVER DANCE AGAIN" whilst having a ballet physio therapy lesson in her flat. Casual.
  4. Fakest argument ever when main girl tries to take cousin to ballet as a surprise. Switched off then.
  5. She gets ridiculously good opportunities from Cult Beauty, Models one and ELLE MAGAZINE who all seemingly 'love her blog' (which doesn't exist as I have googled her and this is all that comes up... Amazing Blog)
  6. She gets given a Nicole Fahri Dress on loan by Elle for readers of her blog to style up in different ways.
  7. She just has to meet up with her ex boyfriend who was having an affair for the last 6 months of their relationship.
  8. She answers her phone when there has been no ringtone or vibrations!
  9. All the actors are models.
  10. It all ends on a reflective balcony night time scene.
Oh please. I had quite high hopes for this as i'm such a reality tv junkie and This girl is seemingly on a mission that one day I will be on. The whole thing is just a slap to the face for hard working Fashion Journalists which won't stroll into London one day with One post on their so called blog and get an amazing appartment in Shoreditch, dresses on loan from Elle, who won't casually get work from models one and interviews with Cult Beauty.

People actually put a lot of effort into their blogs! I would have respected the whole programme more if they wouldn't have called it Reality and it was just a sitcom or something. Reality Shmeality. The hills is definitely real after seeing this!


Emily Pickle said...

Hi, I totally agree. It looks like they might make a fake blog? very confusing. It would be much better as a tv series and maybe a real blog about the programme and the fashion and people involved but fake "reality" and a fake blog seems a bit pointless. good luck with your fashion writing xxx

amelia-k said...

I'm glad someone else agrees! It had so much potential! Thank you :) xx

Ondo Lady said...

OMG!! I so agree with you. The progarmme was so fake on so many levels. but guess what it gets worse. No wonder Fiver are not promoting it at all - the show is lame. How can she keep going on about her blog yet she has only one bloody post? RIDICULOUS! The thing is I could have withstood the fake acting and implausible script if we actually saw her do some work but all we saw was her hanging out with her ex who had cheated on her and in really expensive looking cafes and bars. I was really excited about seeing this show because it was pitched as a reality drama about a wannabe journalist who lands a junior role at Elle and also blogs on the side. That would have been so much more interesting to see than this garbage.

amelia-k said...

Well i definitely won't be watching it next week! Especially after your tweets! x