Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Helena and Rankin...

Nothing like Helena Christensen in her underwear to unleash the green eyed monster!
These photos are a shortlist of lingerie designs from the Triumph Inspiration Award design competition. Shot by photographer Rankin!

(Left:Tovah Cottle from Australia)
(Right: Phan Thi Cam Tu from Vietnam)

(Left: Caroline du Chastel from Belgium)
(Right: Isolde Mayer from Austria)

(Left: Nikolay Bojilov from Bulgaria)
(Right: Justin Singh from Canada)

(Left: Liisa Nieminen from Finland)
(Right: Xu Yi from China)

(Left: Sofie Insam from France)
(Right: Dennis Lyngsø from Denmark)

(Left: Manuel Marte from Germany)
(Right: Isabella Newell from Great Britain)

(Left: Yadvi Aggarwal from India)
(Right: Da Da Tang Sze Man from Hong Kong)

(Left: Suzanne Ferncombe from Ireland)
(Right: Karine Feldman from Israel)

(Left: Lodovico Loffreda from Italy)
(Right: Ayumi Kawase from Japan)

(Left: Peet Dullaert from the Netherlands)
(Right: Anette Boman from Norway)

(Left: Cristina Homen de Gouveia from Portugal)
(Right: Eugenia Dimopoulou from Greece)

(Left: Amaya Cárcamo from Spain)
(Right: Grace Eliana Sugiarto from Singapore)

(Left: Elin Engström from Sweden)
(Right: Benjamin Blarer from Switzerland)

(Tsai Hsuan Kao from Taiwan)
(images from vogue.co.uk)

Wowwwwww! So much talent there, have to say my Favourites are Isabella Newell from Great Britain, Nikolay Bojilov from Bulgaria but my vote goes to Karine Feldman from Israel!

You can vote for your winner here www.triumph-inspiration-award.com !! The designs will be judged on September 16th from a pannel which includes Rankin himself and Matthew Williamson.


Y said...

ooh i love these images!!

amelia-k said...

So hot aren't they! x

3ate4 said...

She looks great as always!

Candy Girl said...

WoW!!!! I love the diversity of her pics, and she looks soo fierce and yummy at the same time. I can't really decide on which one i like best tho

xoxo Candy Girl