Sunday, 5 December 2010

Kate Moss for Vogue Italia...

Kate Moss in some of the sexiest styling I've ever seen by Edward Enninful for the December issue of Vogue Italia. Needless to say I love it because of the 60s influences and the use of Miu Miu. Hello, those Scarpe a pois* are to die for.

Can't help but think Kate looks like a Brigitte Bardot/Janice Dickinson hybrid. Either way i'm stunned to see the oh so famous blonde pull of being a brunette so well. Although let's be honest she could have mouldy green hair and still work it....

Photography by the one and only Nick Knight.

*Polka Dot Shoes.

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Kate: Heart of Solid Gold said...

Just amazing to see Kate styled in this way!
Can't believe she looks so good as a brunette, although like you said, she really could pull off any colour!