Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Peclers Paris: Autumn-Winter 2011/12...

For those unfamiliar with Peclers Paris, let me enlighten you... they are a trend forecasting agency. Working with everyone from L'oreal to Nokia and fashion wise Maxmara and Prada. They create fabulous trend books to inspire you with colour and trend influences, with outfit designs and styling ideas for each season.

At my university we are lucky enough to have access to these (£300) books. Which by the Library standards, are for reading only - heaven forbid a peclers trendbook reaches within a 2 metre radius of the with your head! So when two ladies from Peclers came to talk to us about up and coming trends in AW11/12 and let us rumage through their moodboards and gave permission to take pictures - i snapped up the chance! (no pun intended)

Within the first few sentences of the talk i was inspired. I've lost a lot of motivation recently due to my business brain sucking the creative juices out of me! So, Just the mention of Oxblood reds, pumpkin oranges and coffee creams sent my brain into a swirling kaleidoscope of imagination!

I was suprised to see trends from previous winter months resurfacing for 2011/12 into a new direction. Obviously jackets become the statement wardrobe piece, but the development in which shapes, forms and silhouettes is reflected on the jacket structure shows heavy influences from the 4 stories of which Peclers has predicted.

Autumn/winter colour combinations are warmer neutral shades with fabric influences from leather and suede. Coffee and cream, Pumpkin orange, and fruity accents illuminates the winter season. Whilst Shocking reds add a confident feel, with a cheerful mix with pink and beige. Leather is to be developed further, taking new shades of Oxblood red as base colours.

Navy blue, often associated with Nautical themes, is tipped to be one of the biggest colours. However, with more of a sense of graphic modernity and masculine sensuality than the overworked nautical. Accents of Teal and brown to accentuate the earthy feel of the 'uniform trend' which will become more apparent.

English Greens take over Khaki with an Old English University influence, and Scottish Folklore circa 19th Century. Think Sherlock Holmes.

Polar white palettes show a feminine aspect, mixing within the wild/rustic trend for shapes. A soothing and pure colour with luminous qualities to contrast with pastels, browns, blacks, greys and greens.

Stay posted for my Posts on the Peclers Stories, for the AW11/12 trends.


Dark Blue Jeans said...

wow darling, i love your mood boards. so chic and creative.

thanks for ur commet, yeah it was so much fun, i had so much coffee, lucozade, cigarettes n redbull that i was shaking with adreline lol

amelia-k said...

I can't take credit - they are from Peclers :) hahaha. did you spend loads of money? x

Melissa said...

Love the Ox-blood red, sounds really invigorating, did you go to the promotstyl one?

amelia-k said...

Promostyl is next week x

Fiona said...

Love, love, love - can see how you were so inspired!

Fi x

Catherine Hudson said...

Lucky you having access to these! Love the German shoot below too btw, thought they were from the 60s! xxx

Megan said...

great post

very creative :D

mikes said...

hi, i just wanna know where can i buy peclers books like mode enfants or other publications? thanks