Monday, 4 April 2011


I did promise I would do a giveaway when I hit 300 followers and now at 313 followers I can finally reveal the beauty! Ta daaaa! The wonderfully kind Laura at Polaroid has let me choose some sunglasses for a blog competition, and I have chosen these pink cat eye frames that are competely on trend for summer!

So one lucky winner will get these beautiful 1950 Marilyn glasses from the Heritage range which retail at £85 (completely jealous of whoever wins!)! Polaroid sunglasses are by far the best sunglasses I own, my eyes feel lovely and safe when I wear them!

Before I get to the nitty gritty rules I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who follows and comments me. I get so excited by a comment so I'm hoping lots of you will enter this giveaway and fuel my little 'yay i got a comment' dance for a week or so!

I'm sure you know how this goes but hey ho...

The Rules:
  1. To be in with a chance of winning the glasses you have to be following Amelia's Fashion Land via blogger, google friend connect, twitter or however you crazy kids do it! - cos i'll have my beady eye on you! :)
  2. A comment on this post with 'enter me' and maybe a little something something nice extra so that i know i'm not being used for free stuff (although not that i'd blame you with this prize!)
  3. Following and Tweeting about the giveaway with @ameliakanaris and in the tweet will count as an extra entry and I will track it in a spreadsheet, although please note if your twitter is on private and i'm not following you i probably won't see it :( !
All my entries are going to go into a spreadsheet (yay...) and then I will the winner on the 17th April - just in time for easter!

I hope you love the sunglasses as much as i do!! And if pink is not your colour, you may choose the black ones instead!

Amelia xo


Katie Styles said...

Hi Love, I'd love to be entered please! It's about time I had a nice pair of sunnies to protect my poor eyes, my charity shop finds just don't cut it anymore!
love the shape of these glasses, i'm gonna go have a quick perv over at their site!


Daisy said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! Congratulations on getting over 300 followers :) I've been following you through GFC

Daisy xxx

cowbiscuits. said...

Oh daammn these are foxy! Enter me cus I want to use you for prizes CHEEERS! xx

Whimsically Random said...

These are ace super hot! enter me cos im a compulsive shopper and tea drinker too also I need hot sunnies for my summer holiers! :)

followin u already! x

kitsb said...

Please enter me!
These are beyond cool... May have to buy if I don't win xx

Miss Dolly said...

Ooo I'd love these. I've been keeping my eye out for cat eye sunglasses like Marilyn. Obsessing over her style at the moment. Fingers crossed! x

LvT said...

ENTER ME :) Uber cute sunnies

HAPPY MONDAY!! congrats on the 300+whoop whoop

leahwallace said...

enter me! These sunglasses are gorgeous! Love youre blog, congrats on the 300+ x

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Ohh i've had you bookmarked for a while (first time commenter, woo) but now i'll follow. These are so cute. Love your blog!

Lou Lou said...

Ooh congrats on all those followers. I've been following your blog for a wee while now and think it's rather fabby. Please enter me as those sunglasses are perfection xx

JenWar said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, it's brilliant! I get quite excited when I see you've posted another entry! So defs enter me for the giveaway! xx

Ashleyjxoxo said...

When i see these all i can think of is the pink ladies from Greece! Enter me please :) xx

Stephaniejw said...

Please enter me! such lovely glasses. nom.

Beth ⚓ Anchor of Roses said...

Gah I'd love these!! I love 'different' glasses :) anchorofroses @

Eloise said...

congrats on all the followers

hope your monday has been better than mine (office work = vehr boring)

And please enter me!


Vintage and Cake said...

Congrats hun and on being in the top five for the Yayer comp.
I follow on GFC
Please enter meI have been after some retro glasses as my mum keeps nabbing my ones. I love these and the fact their red !!

haha laughing at Cowbiscuits comment, I do love our blog folk haha xx

Kat said...

Congrats on having so many followers! These glasses are chic, i love them pink!

Please enter me :)

I follow via GFc
katch05 at gmail dot com

Rach said...

Oooh so intrigued by polaroid sunglasses. This style is gorgeous! pleas enter me :) x

CHOCOAJ said...

Wow ,these are so much nicer then my boring brown sunglasses !
Love to win!
Have tweeted and following @CHOCOAJ

Following on google friend connect x

Sophie said...

Enter me please Amelia! First blog comment ever!! Although I do always read yours!
Sophie xxx

debmarl said...

Enter me please. Wow lovely glasses just need the convertible car to go with them. Nice

I have followed blog and follower and retreated on twitter @debmarl

Poppy Rose said...

Please enter me! as I think the sunglasses are just as cool as your blog!

kirstyb said...

oooh la la fab giveaway my darling xxxxxxxx

emily13 said...

Enter me!

Please :) Super prize thanks!

Congrats on the 300, bet you'll soon be celebrating 1000!

Madeleine said...

Ameliaarghhh I think 'Enter Me' are the only two words I need here...but here are a few more...: Hope you're well my lovely, keep up with the brilliant blogging as per usual :D Have actually activated the old blogger account just for you (well, I have started a (not so) anonymous blog, but it's just imagery so probably not up your street!) My friend JenWar has started following you now, she's great fun.

Anyway, if I were you I would keep them all to myself, but I know you've probably already purchased/and or won an equally as beautiful pair. Hope you're having a nice week, L. M. xx

Gem Fatale said...

Gimme free shit plz.

Just kidding! Absolute ADORATION for these Amelia, you know me too well!! I desperately need some proper protection for my eyes this summer. Saggy eyelids run in the family and mine are already starting to droop... Save me from this hell!

I did have some lovely Polaroid glasses but in a moment of madness, offered them to my boyfriend's mummy who needed some proper sunnies... Regret!

Well done on your followers, and thank you for this treat! <3

Hayleigh Dalton said...

Sunglasses. Give them to me.

Georgia said...

Enter me please :).

I would prefer the black ones. Is that cheeky? Yeah it sounds cheeky. I love red but I wouldnt suit them I dont think. Not that I am particularly good at dressing myself so what would I know.

I want them so I can pretend to be on grease. And so I wont go blind off the sun obz. There is a blind kid in uni and he has to use a stick. We have a lot of stairs and it looks hard. Obviously there are many other reasons to not want to be blind but this is one of them.

There is also a black albino in Uni. Seriously. Like that dude who was on big brother. I couldnt stop staring even though I know I shouldn't have.


serious waffle

Amy said...

OMG!!! They are fantastic!!! love them.

Amy said...

OMG!! Love them they are soooo me.

daisy kate said...

I adore these sunglasses! I've been reading your blog since 'meeting' on twitter and although I rarely comment, I love your writing style & would love to create the collages you make so well. Congratulations on your followers! xx

LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Enter me because the sun is burning my eyes and I dig the shape of these rather cutey cute cute sunnies (and I love your blog too don't I? ;0)

rosieisgreat said...

Enter me PLEASE!
- Spotted you at the LOOK Fashion show but did not say hello for fear of blogger stalkerness. Congrats on the followers :)

rosieisgreat said...

Enter me PLEASE!
- Spotted you at the LOOK fashion show but didn't say hello for fear of blogger stalkerness but congrats on winning the comp and for all the followers :).

Anonymous said...

following you now! so I would love to enter! You've got a great blog going on and I like the fact that you report on things happening in fashion than doing outfit posts! So, keep it up! :)
also following you on twitter and the message was just tweeted XD
Have a good Easter!

bangonstyle said...

Hey Amelia, have followed you for a few weeks now -always love your posts. Would love to be entered x x x Love another pair of sunnies and love the vintage style x x x

LizaLou said...

wow, id love to be entered into this. those sunnies are gorgeous xx

Beautiful Mess said...

Hi hun,

Im a new follower, but i would love to be entered!! Those sunnies are to die for!! They would look perfect with my short hair!

following through gfc :) xx

TalulaB said...

Please enter me - i have always wanted a pair of cat eye classes so i could look like Marty from Grease.

I follow on twitter and GFC


Simon said...

Count me in thanks! :) Following with Google Connect thingy and on Twitter as well. Will Tweet as well. :)

I`d prefer the black pair btw.

Kirsty Blackwood said...

Just stumbled across your blog... hadn't seen the Primark campaign before and the photos are amazing! As are the polaroid glasses..!
Lovely to see a blog that isn't just pure self-indulgence for once in a while :)
Keep up the good work. x

Lowri said...

Just came across your blog... love it already :) and 'enter' me, as id love to win those beauty's

<3 x

Rosalie said...

enter meeeeeee.
congratulations on 300, can't believe i was like no. 10 haha!
in other news, i've moved my ebay shop to a blog shop! check it out if you'd like :)
my email is