Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards!

To top off a stressful month I have just found out i'm shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award!!!!!

I'm so overwhelmed. Especially as I will hold my hands up to not giving my blog the attention it deserves for the past two months, well I am BACK I tell you! Now, the competition is very very stiff - and whilst there is no way I could beat the likes of Disney Roller Girl - I would appreciate your vote all the same you lovely lot. And in return I promise to deliver the best god damn fashion blog you ever did see!

Lots of love to you all X


Charlene said...

Aww Amelia you have achieved so much with your blog this year you definatly ave a good chance of getting this too. Congrats!!! eeeeeee How Exciting You have my vote fo sho xx

Sarah said...

Congratulations love!

Lowri said...

Well Done lovely :)

The Deer Head