Thursday, 8 April 2010

50 years of Carnaby Street

Taking advantage of a bright and sunny day in London on Wednesday I walked from Waterloo, to Covent Garden, to Piccadilly, Regent Street and then Carnaby Street! (had to get my moneys worth out of my sunglasses) Anyway, at my final destination I stumbled across an exhibition named '50 years of Carnaby Street 1960-2010' naturally I was over the moon because my whole collection is based on the youth-quake that was mod culture in 1960's London. Fate!

Of course I ventured inside and it was amazing! I learnt a lot about Carnaby Street prior to its height of popularity. For example, Carnaby Street is built on a 'plague pit' basically a burial mound from the plague! It was home of the first 'Pest house' nursing the 'unsaveable' in London during the plague from scurvy and allsorts.

Thrilled to see these colours everywhere! The Red, Green, Orange and purple are the main colours for my four outfits, and blue and yellow were going to be my extra 2!

The exhibition has a lot of memoribilia from the 60s including old magazines, dolls, records etc! All real vintage stuff!

Paisley prints and checks in a variety of shift dresses!

'Bowie Bags' Jodpur trousers. Look familiar?

A Foale and Tuffin Jacket, in polka dot print!

a 1960's Bell Dress

Phillip Townsend plaque. It should lots of photography of his of twiggy, mary quant foale & tuffin!! All in all it was a nod in the right direction to my collection, the polka dots the colours the shapes, which i thought had digressed slightly from my theme! I love the era and the culture and has definitely given my ideas for my sketch book! i've been collection 'biba' bags and Mary Quant tight packets! So i've been waiting to use them in a fun way!

Oh and I also found these shoes in Office, they're £65, but with the wedge and the pring they would be so perfect with the collection!

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The Bell dress, oh how cute!