Monday, 5 April 2010

Bedtime Reading

I've partaken in some light bedtime reading lately. These are a few books that have either motivated me or inspired me, and are teaching me even more about the fashion industry.

'Fashion Makers Fashion Shapers' by Anne-Celine Jaeger is all about the philosophy and input behind the label. Their history and how they got where they are now! There are some very useful tips and lessons into making your own label!


American Apparel.

"It's very easy to go outside of the boundaries you are trying to create for a label. It's much harder to keep one unified vision and have every style fall under that voice you've what makes us successful" American Apparel


Basics Fashion Design: Construction is what it says on the tin! A guide to construction - which I need, and is very helpful! It gives a guide on Flat drawings, altering patterns, rules hints and tips!

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