Thursday, 1 April 2010

Toile Review. Take Two.

A very successful toile review for round two. All tutors were impressed with my presentation and illustrations, which I was very pleased with. They said the collection itself was very 'fresh' and that it was a massive improvement from the first time around! I'm so relieved. the long hours and sleepless nights paid off. Not that it stops there, oh no! Its all go go go now to perfect the toiles and make the finished collection. Living a designers life is definitely not as glamourous as it seems. However, very very rewarding. Just goes to show that upsetting criticism can be, the reaction it stirs within you really activates successful learning. (If you want it to of course). I'm now feeling very positive. Watch this space.

(images from the toile review. Some of the outfits got a bit mis-matched on the way due to swapping outfits on models etc. and the wind was strong!)

This year has been challenging so far. Stressful, and sometimes you just don't have a clue what you're doing or where you are going. Now i'm at a point where I am focused, I know what I'm doing, I'm organised and I know how i'm going to get there. I'm quite capable of managing my time and meeting all the deadlines I face. I've mastered the 'language of academia!' somewhat.. meaning I am quite confident in year 3 and acheiving my personal goals and targets. Every day its put into practice, and this is how i learn best, trial and error - and if its not my error I'll know not to trial it. I'm a visual learner and i like to understand something to learn it, not just do something and forget it.

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