Thursday, 8 April 2010

I know what's on my Christmas list!!!!!

The Cut have just reported that fashion companies are to start auctioning off internships to raise money for Charity! "allowing those with money to breeze in and experience what it's probably not at all like to intern there" The bidding starts at $1000, but is expected to go a lot lot higher! Although It is a good cause, presumably, I can't say i agree with it...It's a pretty invaluable experience to have someone to pay for!?

During their Week internship at Vogue they will meet Anna Wintour, be shown around the office, and then the rest will determine on his or her interests! I tell you what I would be interested in....Getting my moneys worth looking through the sample cupboard!!!!!

If any rich old soul would like to pay for me to intern at Vogue, I have no Qualms with that! If One week will cost around $10,000 then that means i'll have to save approximately $120,000 to do my 3 month placement at Vogue. Bummer!


jessica danielle. said...

Ohhh if I was rich that would be the first thing I'd buy!


amelia-k said...

Snap!! Nice blog, i'm now a follower :) xx

Anonymous said...

I love Anna, your blog great!
Love Poppy
follow me! : )