Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Astrology Fox...

I entered my blog into a Wildfox competition a while back, running with their 'Heart of Gold' Zodiac tees they picked a blog to represent each star sign! So you're looking at the Cancer Astrology Fox...For the competition they gave us our own Zodiac tee's mine says 'Imagine' which couldn't be further from the truth, i'm constantly day dreaming! I've wanted this tee in particular for AGES, but I couldn't afford it.

I'm not really an outfit post kind of blog, so if this thoroughly disappoints you...I apologise! The reason I used a webcam is because I didn't know how to work the self timer button on my camera. And if someone takes pictures of me I have like a Chandler face and end up looking like a weirdo - I'm open to any outfit blogging tips! Anyway, I thought I would use the opportunity as an Astrology Fox to let you know a little bit more about me!

The closed eyes were accidental, but this is me in my most treasured place. My room, with my laptop (on the twitter home page may I add).

As the blog name suggests, I am Amelia. I'm 22 and I live in Bournemouth (for now) I finish uni in June, and hoping to get into Fashion Online when I finish! My star sign is Cancer, and i'm quite typical of that! Sensitive, caring, quiet and creative. I'm such a water baby too. Hense sharing my pictures of my trip to the beach today!

Cancers are supposed to be firm on the outside, soft on the inside. People that know me know that I'm probably the opposite way around. (I worry a LOT) But nonetheless a typical cancerian! When i'm not doing anything fashion/uni related I spend my time with my family and loved ones.

My pin board with lots of memories I like to keep hold of.
Me and my (Brother's) Canon.
A wardrobe full of clothes I never wear and need to ebay at some point.

I'm such a hoarder. Apparently this is a typical cancer trait because crabs hoard stuff to build houses? Weird...

Bournemouth Beach.

Little pug walking through town!

New Sunglasses courtesy of Polaroid. They're so fricking good.

So that's it from me. Now can someone tell me how to use the self timer button on a canon 400D???

Amelia xo

PS. I always wanted the cancer symbol tattoo'd on me, but it kind of looks like '69'.


cowbiscuits. said...

69 yeaaah boyyyyy.

whatever you look awesome xx

kay eh tea ei. said...

love it! very jealous. i wish i lived near the beach! ummm google self timer, its very easy. you may need a remote though. xo.

Peas and Life said...

I love seeing pictures of Bournemouth as growing up I always spent a week there in the summer with my grandparents :) I'm a cancerian too! xxxx

Lulu B said...

Awesomely rocking outfit! So jealous you live by a beach xx :O )


Miss Dolly said...

tee looks good hun! x

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

That's so awesome. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

daisychain said...

Love that tee! And Bournemouth beach? I have such happy drunken memories of there.

Best Hair Straightening Products said...

I love your top and I love your sunglasses! You're so pretty and your hair so beautiful too! Lovely pictures. Thank you very much for sharing all of these. :)

Anonymous said...

missing you alot x

LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Hot glasses ;) xx

Jasmin said...

such lovely spring time photos :) and now you've mentioned it the cancer sign does look like a 69 - could make for a interesting talking point as a tattoo! x

Anonymous said...

love the outift :)

Eloise said...

haha same at the chandler face, the t shirt looks ace though


usprettythings said...

Nice pictures!

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