Tuesday, 22 March 2011

London Fashion Week: Burberry Prorsum AW11/12...

How many times can you re-invent a Trench Coat? Well I don't care, keep 'em coming Burberry.

The perfect Autumnal shades in a burnt orange and moss green. Palazzo pants appear to have morphed into a thigh skimming skinny flare! Fur and knitwear combined screams I'M WARM. Remember that one.

Livening up Autumn/Winter with a flash of bright colour. The duffle style coat makes a comeback. Not sure I am fond of the bold black toggles against the bright colour (looks a bit jane norman)

Big oversized checks creep onto the Autumn/Winter circuit (Peclers said this would happen - clever!) I love a lumberjack look. Not sure about it in a hot pink coat but I am loving the mandarin collar on the yellow and blue checked trench.

Fur is back. Those puffa jackets by the looks of things too. Lot's of purple, navy, brown and stone shades. Seems a neutral way to bring your wardrobe into winter. Not sure I wear any of those colours in the summer!

Where has all this Dalmation print come from? It was all the rage for Topshop's Unique show too. (Think that will be my next post!) All this crisp white tailoring has got Ice Queen written all over it! It makes me want snow - and I hate snow! Cute little waist belts tied in a bow to define the waist - Feminine is in. So who is going to buy one of those fluffy hats?

Verdict: Not my favourite Burberry collection. Although love the autumnal coloured tweed like fabrics.

Prediction: In 6 months time we'll all be wondering around in our bright pink duffle coats and furry dalmation hats, with skinny flares on....or not.

Do you love this?

Amelia xo


Miss Dolly said...

My favourite ever Burberry collection. Perfection! x

London Beauty Queen said...

I love everything about their collection - clean, fresh, modern yet classic. I basically would like it all please!

Lulu B said...

I dont honestly think we will be wearing colour come winer! I just cant see it happening! Winter does not make me feel colourful. Love the way they are always recreating the classic mac though! What i would give to own one :o( xx


Alabama Worley said...

you can't beat a burberry trench :) x

Alabama Worley said...

you can't beat a burberry trench :) x

Isabella said...

These collections are so amazing!

Bad Joan said...

I love your blog! You put all your posts together nicely and have great style!


Meera said...

Looove this post! Burberry's collection was gorgeous.
If you wouldn't mind, I would love to know how you create these beautifully photo collages? If you don't mind, let me know.