Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wishlist: Count down to pay day...

I get paid a week on Friday, and until then I am pretty much penniless. But a girl can dream, right?

Spots, stripes, A-line skirts and Palazzo pants. Something very 1950's about this wishlist. That with the popping bright colours I could be onto a winning look for summer! I am loving these cropped tee's that tie at the waist, I've already got one in blue but i'm going for one in every colour.

PS can someone please stretch my legs so that I can look good in Palazzo pants!

(Everything River Island except Polka Dot Shirt which is Topshop)

Got to love the 70's Riviera chic. Just can't escape it at the moment. Embrace it I say. I neeeeed this blazer in my life, and the shoes! And the hat! Oh screw it, I need it all!

(Jumpsuit, Shorts, Jeans and top - Topshop. Blazer and Shoes - River Island)

I'm not sure what kind of trend these bits would fit in with, maybe a floral/bright colour/preppy look. I'm in love with collars at the moment. And these Asos Floral Jeans have just been reduced to £28. (without a doubt they will go back up to £35 just before i get paid - because asos LOVE to do that to me lately) This turquoise drop hem shirt from Miss Selfridge has been on my Wishlist for aaages. Think it's a definite must for pay day.

(Cardigan, Union Jack tank, Lace Shirt and Red Jeans - Topshop. Floral Jeans - Asos. Denim Shorts and Turqouise shirt - Miss Selfridge.)

Needless to say I'm getting broody for a shopping spree (Must make up a word for that soon...Sproody??) Hope everyone has had a good weekend! If you went shopping, please tell me and make me utterly green with envy.

Amelia xo


Jazmin said...

I NEED almost everything in this post! I stopped going to River Island for a long time as everything seemed to have unnecessary diamanté embellishment on it, but I may have to take a trip after seeing this gorgeous post!

Jaz x


kay eh tea ei. said...

ooomg such gorgeous things! I am SKINT too, so so poor. love all these things. xo.

BeYouAlways said...

Love everything in this post, especially the cropped tshirt and red jeans x

Amy. said...

serrrrrriously love that lemony coloured blazer! i need payday too :(

cowbiscuits. said...

yeaahbuddy i love that first top the stripey one. You forgot your jersey dvds on this wishlish UGH. how dare you. xxx

Haute-fly said...

So true. Great picks... loved the colour block blazer.


fashion, The said...

So much colour, need to take a leaf out of your book! Lovely blog X

Sarah said...

I saw the Union Jack tee and thought it was quite Royal Wedding appropriate!

Peas and Life said...

my friend just bought the asos floral jeans, they're awesome! xxx

JenWar said...

I went window shopping yesterday and also fell in love with the Miss Selfridge top, it's perfect for colour blocking and a bargain!

Jen xx

Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel with the penniless situation, I also get paid a week on friday but I am currently in my overdraft!! Eeek, can't wait to have money again, and this time I will not have spent it all by the 2nd week of the month...I swear!

Little Humble Fashion Abode

Karima Illustration said...

Really love the second look!!