Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Henry Holland and Land Rover...

Possibly the most unlikely collaboration yet absolutely GENIUS! I've just seen this video which documents the pairing of the two brands to create Holland's AW11/12 Lookbook. The idea is that using the Land Rover and Evoque Iphone app, they travel to different locations in London, which on a map will look like the House of Holland logo - bloody brilliant.

Love the locations they've used, paints a perfect picture of London I think.

I'm so in to videos at the moment. In fact I had a tutorial at uni today, and think I may be doing something very excitingly video related! Hope you've had a good day fashion land readers! I'm planning a give away at the moment, it will all kick off as soon as I get to 300 followers!

Amelia xo

Ps trying to find a picture of the finished route, but it's proving rather difficile. Maybe that is part 2?


Cherry Pullinger said...

Brilliant idea!

JenWar said...

As if they didn't show what the route and what it actually looked like! Still pretty cool idea, just defeats the object a bit if they don't show it! xx

amelia-k said...

I know! What's that about, i'm trying to find a picture!! x

Lulu B said...

Fab idea! I love henry holland i think he is an absolute star in the british fashion industry! If I was famous I would hang with him haha xx :o) xx


indie.electronic.alternative. said...

i just saw your post on the style rawr! and your pic wearing the "imagine" tshirt! i have that shirt. it's the best! cute blog!