Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Brunch with Wonderbra...

What a busy week it's been - I have had to break my blog post every day routine to attend to my non internet life, which is shaping up quite nicely!

Starting off with a guest blogging opportunity for the wonderful Wonderbra! The rest of my week consisted of nerves mainly, due to getting my uni results back amongst other things! It was also my Birthday yesterday, and had a family celebration at the weekend and then went to see Derren Brown in London yesterday - That man is literally a genius, wish I could share the show but he makes you promise not to tell anyone! I got possessed though - no joke!

ANYWAY, back to business! I went to visit the lovely Sarah and Laura at Wonderbra who had created a mini Ibiza for us on a dull and dingey London day! They gave us (myself and 4 other lovely bloggers) a sneak peak of the AW11 collection as well as their summer staples - very exciting stuff! I never realised how much thought Wonderbra put into the support of their bras!

Yummy food and Beach hut.

Full effect billboard (but smaller, obvs)

Left: A/W11 Sneak peak!

Right: Classic T-shirt bra and Ultimate strapless - which uses a 'hand shaped' technology to literally hold in the boobs! Clever!

Left: The bra that wonderbra are best known for, reinvented in a lacey set. They use a 'comma' padding, which is removeable, so you can pad out wherever is necessary! Also very clever!

Right: The bra you can wear in 100 different ways, which really fascinated me!

(Couldn't resist a photo opportunity from the Millenium Bridge!)

So there we have it! A lovely morning. Can't wait to do my guest post - think I've got a good idea of what to do! But is there anything you'd like to see?

Amelia xo


Esmeralda said...

I wish you the best results for your exams!!!
I really enjoyed your post, great pics!

cowbiscuits. said...

I'd like to see you in the bra.

I'm sorry I couldn't resist...

kia said...

lovely photographs! Happy birthday for yesterday :) x

Deals said...

Looks like a really fun brunch!

And great pics by the way

Anonymous said...

i love wonderbra, their ultimate strapless bra is amazing, doesnt budge!